Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Prevent Obesity in Children? Children and Parents

Do not blame heredity in obese children. If a child is relatively healthy, then its completeness - the result of improper lifestyle and dietary habits. And it depends on the parents. However, many of the adults themselves sin unhealthy life and high-energy diet with minimal physical activity (from the couch to the refrigerator - and back). Therefore, the child grows the same.

Continuation of simple rules to be observed as a family, if you want to see your heir fit and healthy.

6. Do not encourage your child sweets

If the heir knows that for every poem learned in school or received the top five will receive a cake, the sweet and eating will be associated with reward, with something good, be happy. Get rid of these associations is very difficult - usually they go, even into adulthood. Try to please and reward the child with something else. Desirable, useful, and requiring physical activity. Of course, to reduce the child to the zoo or play football with him a lot harder than shake cake, but after all, is much better, is not it? And for you too useful to break away from the protection of the couch and going to fresh air.

7. Do not forbid him to eat "sweet " essentially

For example, when he was visiting. Forbidden fruit is sweet, even if not very tasty. Just out of a sense of contradiction, children can break the taboo is too accentuated. If the child is still small, can you explain that eating of sweet and turn it into a ball, or he will have those round cheeks, like the CPMP. Many young children want to be or look larger and older. A soft food (cakes) - are food for small and silly, yet even not able to walk. And clove in them yet (as parents and their families pay more attention to erupted teeth, children 4-6 years old already know exactly what they have teeth, and teeth - it is to some extent measure of adulthood). If a child has entered adolescence - show him how to look like lovers of sweets and junk food, and how - the adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Teens attaches great importance to appearance and attractiveness to the opposite sex. Explain what a beautiful figure, skin and hair (for girls) and strong beautiful muscles (for boys) can not have sweets and lazy. Teach your child to have healthy food, not only in your presence. With age, each child becomes more and more degrees of freedom. And the parents can no longer control him so regularly.

8. "Sticking problems"

Following the example of adults (and their supply), children learn to "jam" problems and troubles. Many adults, especially women, have a habit of eating without the need, to turn it into a process of pleasure, if other pleasures are not enough. And children learn the same thing - their example. Much more use will not "grabbing" of trouble, and talk with their parents or other authoritative for a child older, or switching your child's attention on something else. By the way, adults are also affected.

Movement - that's life

What do you do on weekends? Watch your favorite TV series, recorded in a week, or take home and goes to nature? Guard the sofa or go to the nearest park to ride a bike?
How often do you go home on foot, instead of the elevator (and it does not matter with the child or not)?

If the child is old enough, to yourself (after you do it will show everything) to care for small pets - give him a dog, arguing that he did not refuse. Puppies are usually funny and moving, fun to play with them and sit in one place simply does not work, even if the child is not initially inclined to physical activity. The child would be responsible for the care of a puppy. No one calls you to buy a thoroughbred pit bull. Every dog needs daily walks (2-3 times) and caring.

The hardest part - to teach a child to care for animals and help him house trained. Usually, after 2-3 months of games with the puppy children's interest in it fades away, it is very important not to miss this point and advance to prepare the child for that duty - a duty and it must fulfill, regardless of mood. You're preparing to eat and wash, not only when you want it?

Another plus: plump children are rarely popular with their peers. Also, they rarely go outside and do not take part in the mass games. They often ignore or even name-calling. And around the host pup usually meets all the kids in the yard - everyone wants to play with a puppy or pet him. With the advent of four-legged friend in your child need new friends.

10. Sports

Full or plump child is not easy to move, so the active sports for it to be heavy. But give up too, should not be. Not necessarily raise a champion - because you are striving for health, rather than titles and records.

Swimming, athletics, or any other sport (except chess) will help him to find a good fit. No, of course, chess - also good, but it is a sport for the brain than the body. Doubly useful (for both you and your child) to make forays to the nearest stadium. What could be better than some light jogging or morning exercises in the fresh air? Child's health will be for you an additional incentive to get up early, get out from under a warm blanket, dress, and still climb out for a jog.

As you can see, everything is easy, but it requires willpower, patience and extra effort to
compared to lying on the couch. Continued - in the next article.

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