Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Kremlin Diet - What is Myth and What is the Truth?

One of the most popular, and at the same time paradoxical diets today is the so-called "Kremlin diet," which refers to low carbohydrate diets. The essence of the diet is extremely low consumption of carbohydrates, but the paradox is that the program is allowed to use diet fried meat, bacon, cheese, sausage, sour cream and mayonnaise - the products on which ordinary people is very hard to refuse. No need to fill your fridge nonfat yogurt and grilled steak dream about. Interested?

What are these carbohydrates, which should be excluded from power, and why they, rather than fat, as is customary in other diets help lose weight? Carbohydrates constitute the bulk of the diet and provide 50% of its caloric. Consequently, carbohydrates - the main supplier of energy for the body - are closely related to fat metabolism. Carbohydrates are essential in the diet to a protein needed to build tissues, is not wasted as an energy source. They have the same calorie content as that of the protein. Fats provide twice as much energy as carbohydrates, but they just burn through carbohydrates - carbohydrates helps break down proteins and fats. This produces the following situation - people eating tasty favorite meal, not denying yourself in fried meat, cheese and other delights, a feeling of satiety, not depressed about fasting, and at the same time, due to lack of carbohydrates, fats and proteins consumed just are not assimilated and removed from the body naturally. And the body begins to be used to power its internal reserves of adipose tissue - is weight loss.

"The Kremlin diet" has a strict limitation - a day to consume no more than 40 grams of carbohydrates. On the number of carbohydrates can be found on the product label, and considering how much you eat different foods, you can easily count the number of carbohydrates. Contain no carbohydrates and therefore allowed to use the following products in the diet - cheese, hot dogs, sausages, meat, fish, mushrooms, eggs, etc. Very little carbohydrate contained in the sour cream, mayonnaise, savory cottage cheese, milk. You can drink tea without sugar, dry wine, whiskey, brandy, vodka.

Let's talk about sad - as if this was not a good diet, but it has its limitations. Have to give up potatoes (boiled, fried and - any!), Flour products, sugar, pasta, cereals, beer, sweet wines, a sharply restrict the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Because of the last paragraph of "Krimlin diet" is attributed to the winter-spring diet, which allows weight to throw warming and the massive relief clothing.

Indeed, if we stick to the established norm, then 2 weeks later with pleasure can be seen as tongue moved 2-4 division closer to the toe. Do not rush to lose weight fast! Who rapidly lose weight, he quickly returns the weight again!

Let's talk about the myth of "Krimlin diet," namely, to limit the consumption of carbohydrates, that is, plant foods. Many people find it difficult to give up potatoes (mushroom soup - it tastes good, but not always the same), pasta, and habits in the evening to relax with a beer bottle. I know people who are in pursuit of losing weight, but she can not abandon the beer itself drives the 40 grams of carbohydrates a day with light beers, which is 24 grams - more than half the daily allowance, you must give your body with fruits and vegetables!

As mentioned above, the carbohydrates break down proteins and fats, and so we have a need to remove them from power. But! 1.5-2 hours after eating (unless of course you were not sitting at the banquet table), the digestive process ends and all the received components absorbed or sent to the colon. Accordingly, at this point you can eat carbohydrates (but not fat!) - Fruits, vegetables, no fat yogurt, fruit salads. Beer lovers can breathe freely - you can drink beer too, but after 2 hours after eating, and no snacks. For example, you had dinner at 19 o'clock, then at 21 o'clock you can have a drink with friends, a bottle of beer, but surely refuse the proposed chips or fish.

Accordingly, after the consumption of carbohydrates, you must wait 1.5-2 hours before the main meal. Why did I choose to focus on this? Because I myself tried out the "Krimlin diet," and in the beginning, I boldly said, "I do not like sweet, no problem! Well, without vegetables as a hold out! ", And a week later I madly wanted to sit down not one tomatoes (4 grams of carbohydrates) for breakfast, and three or four, and more and cucumber! And how sweet wanted something ....

So you have learned the secret of "Kremlin diet" - carbohydrates can be consumed more than 40 grams a day, but separately from the fats and proteins. Say that such a diet is separate power supply? Yes, I know, but in this case the main power is based on the principles Krimlin diet, and will be in the form of excess carbohydrates - as a psychological aid. ;)

Finally a couple of examples will give the Kremlin's menu:
Scrambled eggs from two eggs (1 g), 2 sausages (0 grams), tomatoes (4 grams) = 5 grams
Soup of processed cheese and mushrooms (0.5) + roast pork (0) + gherkin (3) = 3.5 grams
Grilled salmon fillet (0) salad (7) and a glass of dry wine (0) = 7

Many sauces contain sugar in its composition, and flour - you want to exclude their use, also make sure that the meat was breaded in crumbs or flour - it increases the amount of carbohydrates.

And just in conclusion, to maintain your enthusiasm, here is your achievements - I lost 12 kilograms in Krimlin! But do not forget about sports - they are a true companion of any diet and healthy lifestyle! And of course, visit the doctor or nutritionist before starting a diet, so as not to cause harm to your body.

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