Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Prevent Obesity in Children? A Full-Featured, But Not Full

Continue to struggle with the fullness of your child, until she moved to obesity and did not bring with them health problems. If the net weight people still somehow can adjust by changing diet and lifestyle, the child depends entirely on you. Your patience, tact and knowledge.

If you lost the fight against excessive pomp forms for yourself - try to win it for the child. Moreover, that to change child's nutrition, as a rule, have to change the mode of the whole family. So willy-nilly, too, will lose weight.

The remaining 5 of the rules for a new, more useful  "lifestyle.

11. The computer - friend or foe?

Of course, computer literacy is very helpful for the child and, undoubtedly, be useful to him in the future. But if you can grow it fit and healthy - it will help him more. In addition, it is no secret that most of the time spent at the computer, goes not for training, but on the game. The likelihood that computer games will be a future profession to a child is very small. And the likelihood that if he had several hours a day (not counting the school!) Will spend alone with the monitor and earn myopia, scoliosis, reduced immunity or gaming addiction - is much higher.

12. Least attention - TV

How often and long a child watches TV? Most pediatricians believe that watching television and movies should not exceed 1-2 hours per day. Of course, much easier to include children's channel with cartoons and forget about the child for half a day, leaving him under the TV. But reading him stories, play backgammon or checkers, and talk about what interests him - it takes time, effort and desire. What to say about mobile games in the fresh air, so necessary for your child!

Can not play with them yourself - look around. Probably have neighbors or friends living nearby and dreaming about the same thing: that the child is not lying on the couch watching TV and went to play with children, to run and frolic. By the adults of energy on such feats are usually not enough (especially after working hours), but the children unspent forces to spare. If you are afraid to let go of the child to the playground or in the yard itself - to agree with other parents "walk" children in turn. Is the health of children is not worth it?

Also on television is always advertising. And usually advertised goods (sweet snacks, chips, drinks from the concentrated colored powders) are not very (very much ...) are useful. Then he will have to explain that this is the steepest in eating chocolate bars, or what used pads.

13. Most children identify with parents

And in the future want to become like them. If a mother with an average increase in size is 58 and thinks it is absolutely normal - her daughter is likely to face the same fate, if a teenager does not oppose itself to the parents.

14. Dangers of adolescence

Reaching adolescence and realized the imperfection of his own body, a child can hit the other extreme - a strict diet, refusal to eat until the disease anorexia. And to finish this alone and so imperfect health. Teenagers are too sensitive about even the tiniest flaws, a small pimple on the nose, which is not noticeable to anyone but its owner, it may seem repugnant to them boils. What to say about the completeness? Yes, and peers will not let him forget about this shortage.

So the fight with the fullness of a better place before the onset of the transition period - the teenager will be other problems besides obesity. And on level ground.

15. Useful little things that need to know and comply with:

- Before eating it is desirable to have a glass of water, mineral water or juice;
- There is a need to slowly chew;
- Need to eat so much that immediately after a meal to feel a little hungry -
saturation mechanism is triggered late twenty minutes, with good
speed for this time much more you can eat (or eat);
- Low-fat and digestible vegetables and fruits is better to keep in a conspicuous place so that in the case came unexpectedly appetite grab it for them, not the pig's foot - because her have yet to run into the store and prepare properly, and fruit - that they are close ;
- A plate for a meal should be small - then even if you take a half portion, it will look full, but the hungry body nice to see a full plate of food;
- A regular meal in front of TV or computer - the first step to weight gain: a "magic screen" makes you stop and see the amount of calorie eaten.

Refrain from eating once a day - easily. Sit on the diet for several weeks - is more complicated. But to completely change the diet, and partly a way of life - the strength is not for everyone. It requires persistence and patience. If you - a relatively healthy person and still can not lose weight (or sit in a month on the diet, fold a couple of pounds and break loose, eating everything you see - a vision in such moments of life escalates) - most likely you or not motivation for losing weight, or at present time - very different challenges and extra weight goes into the background. But if such a life leads to excessive fullness of your same child - it's time to reflect and to change attitudes to weight loss. If not for yourself - so at least for the sake of the child.

Good luck with your new (or the now familiar) during weight loss, health to you and your children!

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