Monday, June 13, 2011

How to Achieve Your Desired Weight Without Violence Against Yourself?

Suddenly, early in the spring all of us were pleased with the sun. People now walk the streets, smiling passers-by, many improved mood. And, of course, women also wanted to bloom like the first spring flowers. But ... recruited during the winter pounds, spoil the mood, do not allow to wear their favorite clothes. Here is a thought: "Urgent sit on a diet! Here's Ania / Lena / Light sat on the Kremlin diet / paste the golden needle / practice separate food and thinner 5/10/15 kg! 'll Do it, and the problem solved. "
In fact, from that moment and the problems begin.

Firstly, you do not Anya / Lena / Light. Would not advise you to focus on stories of real or virtual friends in various forums. Your body - the only and unique, can be quite different way to react to these diets.

Secondly, the diet - is stress. Spring - it is stressful to the body. Our body adjusts to the new light day, vitamin deficiency, many with allergies, lack of sleep, and it is not an exhaustive list of factors that affect the body in the spring. Thus, trying to diet in the spring, you get the stress in the square.

And how many women have the body affects the stress? We all know the answer - you want a sweet, tasty, pepper, salt - to seize all of these unpleasant sensations. That eventually we can get? An even greater increase in weight. The vicious circle - the more we want to lose weight, the more gain weight.
And, sadly, the weight fluctuations cause cellulite. But soon the summer, and so want to look spectacular in a bikini ...

So what do you do?
We must apply a comprehensive approach to solving the problem. Solve the problem of obesity in various planes.

1. Psychological plane. Try to understand, when you pull all the products on which any woman knows that they provoke an increase in excess weight. Do not sit at the table, if you are nervous, upset. Do not watch TV while eating, do not read. Listen to yourself. Eat only when you're really hungry.

Evaluate yourself realistically. Do not compare yourself with photo models from the pages of glossy magazines. Believe me, before I get to these pages, the models knew how to stand up to look at the pictures was thinner than in real life. Then these photos are edited in special programs where they are removed superfluous, in the opinion of the editor, roundness. So, consider these facts when you look at yourself in the mirror.
Now even in the fashion world there are changes in standards. Due to the deaths of those most photographed, forced to sit on the most severe diets, on the podium no longer invite malnourished girls.

Believe in yourself. You can overcome any standards in society. As an example, I can give you Jennifer Lopez. Nobody had ever imagined that a girl with such a precarious figure could reach superstar status.

I'm not telling you nothing, if you have extra pounds. I would like you to understand the difference between a really overweight, and imposed as a very skinny girl.

2. Proper nutrition. All of us know what products are useful for the organism, and which lead to weight gain. Increase the proportion of fruit and vegetables in their diets. Eat less meat. Do not overdo it with fats. Choose fresh products of high nutritional value. Preference is given to complex carbohydrates: vegetables, fruits, grains and beans.

Drink lots of plain water. Buy (if you do not have) a juicer. Drink freshly squeezed juices. Is especially important to drink juice in the spring, during the period of beriberi. Of course, It is a truism, but if you follow them, your weight will start to decrease gradually. Subsequently, these truths will help you to avoid fluctuations of weight.
Please note that this image of supply - not for a month, not on the season. You have to stick with it consistently, if you want to keep your figure, do not expose themselves to changes in weight and prevent health problems.

And how to be with us all your favorite tea at work? I propose to try to buy fruit and add the pieces in the tea. Tea gets fruity taste and a good tea has a stimulating effect on the entire body. You can also buy jam or preserves without sugar. I'm sure if thoughtful on this issue, many women may offer interesting and delicious change our favorite chocolate and cookies.

3. Exercise. While the food supply the body building material, exercise shape it and make the necessary adjustments. Think of how sports would you like to do. An important condition for permanence of your sport - the pleasure you receive during the session.

Remember what you wanted to do in childhood. What did you do, but for one reason or another have long ceased to do. Wanted to do martial arts? Go and do! Do not think that is where you'll spend less calories than, say. How many of you have enough to take classes aerobics without interest, without passion? Two, three times ... Therefore it is necessary to choose an occupation that you capture, captivate, which will be conducted continuously over the years.

4. Comprehensive care for themselves. Psychologists observed one very interesting fact - the more a woman creams, skin care systems, the better it looks. Desirable to have a minimum set of facial skin care, body and nourishing creams, masks. Is also very effective campaign in the sauna or the bath (if you have no contraindications). And of course, the massage - it helps you to restore health, improve the look of your body and resist the spring stress.

Keeping all these rules, please be patient. Gradually you will reach your desired weight, without the stress and disruption, with no ill effects to your body. In addition to a good figure, as a bonus you also get a good feeling, and with pleasure and pride will never look at myself in the mirror!

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