Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Become Leaner? Tuning Into The Beauty, Health, Vigor!

I've always been moved by the statement: the appetite comes with eating. I, for example, he appears before a meal, because each has its own physiology, but still stubbornly sit down and wait ... "coming of appetite." And then overeat, eating dessert, diet pills.

"For your money - every whim!" - Today a popular slogan beauty salons and medical centers where help cope with this "disease", as excess weight, including the method of "forced encoding brain." Yes, exactly. As you instill fear in the beginning of the session by reading a lecture on diet and voicing considerable list of "forbidden" foods, that if you eat that "no", then you will be very bad. How is closer to the dream of a good figure without excessive and unnecessary costs?

Astrologers would say: yes 365 solutions to this "problem", and psychologists would add all the problems in his head. And excess weight - not the exception. In fact, the problem is to reset their brains. So, how do "to outwit" or to convince yourself and give up all sorts of tricks of his mind?

Prioritize desires. Repeating countless times friends and myself, "must be reset pounds ..." Think about it: who should and must at all? It is important to determine exactly for myself whether I was happy with such a weight and shape - not like, ie gives me a weight physical or psychological discomfort, I want to be slimmer - I do not. And then the fun part - how much I want it? Each time, feeling the desire to eat something nutritious and delicious is a meal, or "harmful" products, or late at night, ask yourself a question: I want more: to be slim and still eat? However, if your desire to consume food after all will be stronger, then there is nothing to complain and get upset - you have placed the priorities of their desires.

Refuse tricks. Sometimes we are not noticing all sorts of tricks to invent and find excuses to "relax" in the food. For example, you are assuming that a good workout in the gym, you can afford to "eat the elephant" or "treat" themselves high-calorie foods. In the end, not counting, eat far more calories than you have been squandered. And the essence of weight loss lies in the fact that spend more than they receive. The same applies to the statement: "I have not eaten yesterday, but today, catch up." You should not deceive ourselves! As soon begin to find an excuse, you know that have got to her as the bait.

Use your imagination. Because it is often around stalls with all kinds of sweets can not (and they catch your eye), we can apply the method of visualization, ie, you, looking, for example, in a fragrant cake, which is making "requests" in the mouth, mentally describe all its wonderful taste and imagine how you eat it with pleasure. Do not feel sorry for the imagination and eloquence! Your craving for cake will be much less - because you have convinced themselves that they already enjoy and satisfy my passion. As my mother likes to say: "Five minutes in the mouth - her life at the waist."

Do not make a meal out of the cult. Convince your mind that food is only necessary to maintain the body in working order, giving it vitality and energy. Fill your stomach, always remember about healthy eating and healthy foods without subjecting themselves to the temptation to cheat (snack chips, cookies, chocolate ...). Say to yourself often: I eat only rich in vitamins and healthy food. If you wanted to eat between meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner), try to find a more useful occupation.

Keep in mind the physiological aspects. Understanding of some physiological processes in our body, and the principles of combination products (food division) will lead to more meaningful food intake and the effective action of the digestive system. For example, There is a misconception that it does not matter what time of day and what the composition of food consumed, the main thing - not necessary to increase the number of calories per day. But as you know, the most effective time of the stomach - from 5.00 to 18.00. And if we eat meat after 23.00, for example, it will lie in the stomach until five in the morning, hardly digested. Further, our digestive system is not adapted to digest different foods at the same time, so it is expedient to separate the proteins and starches, take no more than 200 grams of food in one go (eventually shrink the stomach, and you do not need much food to satisfy hunger) etc.

I did not consider in this paper all the known conditions for obtaining the ideal figure, such as regular exercise and proper nutrition subtlety, but only attempted to identify the need for internal motivation and some psychological moments. Our brains just executes the commands of our subconscious, so we can convince ourselves and set up on beauty, health, vigor, and with them the confidence and success. Be healthy, young, happy!

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