Friday, June 3, 2011

Why Dinner is Necessary to Give the Enemy?

A well-known proverb explains that we do with breakfast, what to do with dinner and whom to dinner. But how many know why this should be done? In fact, it's pretty simple, but at the same time difficult.

Let's start with the first. Breakfast should be eaten itself, but in the morning, many have no appetite. How can you have if you do not want to? Indeed, it is against their will is very difficult. That if all men had your supper after 18.00, then we would all eat breakfast with great gusto. Of course, after eating before going to bed to dump, the next morning, we have a pale appearance and a complete lack of appetite.

But the body needs to replenish energy costs that arise during the day at work. Organism in large quantities consumed, not only calories, but a lot of trace elements and vitamins. Will you have breakfast or not, he would still spend the required number of substances, having exhausted the blood and holding their own bodies. Thus, for dinner,  people simply exhausted, although in appearance it can be quite plump or overweight, which is likely.

By lunchtime, had already flared up a wild appetite, and we fully satisfies him from eating what we want and in unlimited quantities. After such a dinner immediately feel sleepy. In the blood had not yet received the necessary material, and the feeling of hunger is no longer hurts. Nervous system calms down after starvation stress and seek to restore, which is a dream.

Then there are two scenarios, depending on the daily routine or work schedule. If a person goes to sleep, then woke up again late in the afternoon did not want to eat. He feels frustrated, however, as in the morning. A few hours man wakes up and stays awake until late at night. And just before bedtime eats to go to sleep. 

This is repeated every day.

As a result of lifestyle that are, unfortunately, most of our (and other) citizens coming obesity, slagging and the weakening of the body. Statistics say that the instinct for survival is weaker than the instinct for food. Thus, gluttony becomes, if not mortal, then the "near-death" sin.

List of diseases related to diet and dietary shift towards the end of the day, huge. Because when we go to bed, and go to sleep our muscles and organs, and the food is not processed. Therefore, it is all converted into fat, which is distributed not only throughout the body, but also cause obesity, even internal organs.

Today in the west, and even we are used to treat obesity by removing part of the stomach or surgically implanting the so-called balloon into the cavity of the stomach, simulating satiety. Such methods seem to be if not "stupid", then at least horrific, but they are often the only way to save the life of a man with a big weight problem.

And it all starts with small things - a tight dinner, no breakfast, and over lunch. One has only to shift the schedule of food in the healthy side, and the weight will come back to normal. At night, the body will be fully restored, and all day to function productively, the quality of life and feel better in a few times.

Simply, if you really really want to eat in the evening, you can dine with something easy, such as apple, natural yogurt, boiled eggs, green vegetables, a piece of boiled fish or chicken. Or just drink a glass of kefir or warm milk. But anyway this is best done in a couple of hours before bedtime. And most importantly - in a good mood! After all, even the most useful food will not benefit if it ate a sense of duty and annoyed a few extra calories.

So do not forget that for our good health, most importantly - it is proper nutrition and, of course, a healthy lifestyle!

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