Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Effectively Reduce the Appetite

A few years ago by mail order breathing simulator. Now it is sold in a pharmacy. Read the advertising, it helps to reduce weight and to many other diseases, too, helps, and generally helps to be healthy. Who does not know what it is is a tube with a tube in which to breathe in a certain method. Technique is actually simple, just need to figure out and try it. But I could not begin to deal with. Recently started to practice. A week later, I noticed that your appetite has decreased a little. A week later - still a bit down. So having been occupied 50 times. Sometimes miss 1-2 days. It's not scary and the effect lasts. As a result, become much less eat.

For many people do not eat after six in the evening it is very difficult. Previously, I too could not withstand such a regime. In the 10 hours in the evening I was starving. Exercise on a simulator for several weeks, it became easy for me to not eat after six pm. The maximum that I was eating 1-2 apples-. And then more from idleness or want something to chew on. How to deal written in the instructions. I advise you to do so. The main thing is not lazy! Start, and then retract. Must engage preferably in the evening. So useful to the organism. If not, then we can in the morning. Engage you need each day, until the desired result. From 2-3 months. 1 year, depending on the disease. Then, rather 2-3 times a week for prophylaxis. In the Internet there are a lot of disk imaging (reviews, forum).

I, for one, does not help to lose weight, if I do not eat after six. It is still important number of calories eaten per day. If you have a day ate more calories than you need, even if you do not eat after six, you will not lose weight.

Many people think that they eat little and for some reason do not lose weight. And for fun you write down what you ate for the day and count calories. You will be surprised! What were you doing on this day? Probably sitting all day at work. Of course, you are very tired and think you spent a lot of calories. And may have spent, but have eaten, I'm sure more than necessary. If so, then you certainly do not lose weight. As you wish, but you have to spend more than you eat. As soon as this condition is satisfied, you immediately start to lose weight. If you have a digital scale, you will immediately see it. If I eat a little more than usual, then immediately add 200-300, and vice versa. After the meal increase of 0.5-1 kg, which I then practiced in a few workouts. So, I really do not like the meal, because does not work do not overeat.
Now I want to talk about my weight loss.

I am 29 years old, 162 cm small successes (-5 kg), but for me it is great progress! After graduating from university, I weighed 54 kg. I went to work and slowly recovered to 64 kg (over 4 years). But I'm not experienced separately. Got married with that weight and looked very good. Now I have this weight! After birth, I weighed 72 kg. Look, in principle, not bad. But after two years I gained nearly 12 kg. It was already too much. I could not look at myself in the mirror. I made various attempts to lose weight, but to no avail. Then I realized that I was the only way - the fitness club. I bought a ticket, and began walking on fitness equipment, aerobics then on. I used to say, "How are you recovered!". And I was ready to cry.

Now tell me: "How can you thin!". I fly for joy, and I have increased incentive to do next. During the first two months I lost just one kg, and was ready to quit lessons. I thought it does not work, just spend time in vain. But still forced myself to walk further and for the second month she lost three kilograms. But we must strictly follow the diet, or you even doing, you will not lose weight or will lose weight very slowly. I completely eliminated sugar and flour. But one piece of bread a day, eat, it can not be excluded completely. Of course it is difficult to exclude flour and sweet, I'm often frustrated, but eventually you get used to. And when then eat dessert, you think, how sweet it is! The horror! How can this have!

Plus, in such clubs is that buying a ticket, like it or not, and should it withdraw. Then buy the next ticket. And if you are doing at home, the more temptation to quit. Laziness, then once or something else. And the diet easier to follow when you walk into the club. After training, do not eat, or training for nothing. And between workouts try not to overeat, so weight is not thrown back. As a result, produces discipline. And if you're not doing, just decided to eat right, then quickly throw this thing on various pretexts, and then eat all sorts of hazards.

Now I do not suffer, wondering how to lose weight. I know that this is a matter of time and the summer will have a much slimmer! The main thing, do not despair! My motto is - who seeks always finds! Look my way, and you will find!

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