Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Lose Weight for Summer? It's Easy! Know-how

Grass is green, the sun shines ... or not, until not so. Murmuring brooks, blind-rays. Grass yet, but the streams are already running and the sun has rays, which means that it is time to prepare for the summer: studying offers of travel agencies, to buy T-shirts and shorts, and most importantly - to get rid of accumulated over the winter pounds.

Like every spring, I carefully consider themselves in a large mirror and a heavy sigh, I swear to immediately go on a diet. Here are tonight tea and cakes, and from tomorrow morning ... But the day flies by day, and begin the terrible torture apple days I did not dare. True, try to solve the problem of radical methods

Finally, I decide to approach the issue thoroughly, scientifically. Buy a bunch of books and start studying. Most do not reveal anything new: more fruits, vegetables - and no buns. There are variations. In recent years, came into vogue so-called "Kremlin Diet" (also known as points, it is a diet of American astronauts, etc.). Those who survive the liver and kidneys, said that the result is stunning. However, the price of harmony may be too high: a lack of carbohydrates can result in ketoacidosis (a violation of the protein and carbohydrate metabolism), one symptom of which is, in fact, is the lack of appetite. "Kremlin diet" must be rejected.

I opened the book by the famous French nutritionist: I've heard that he was not calling to torment himself with hunger. Crafty Frenchman, however, suggests not to give up tasty dishes, but just right to choose. Easy to say - to choose. Of course, I would prefer to choose the carrot! In this case, it gives wonderful recipes: gazpacho in Andalusia "," red mullet with fresh mint, dandelion soup. " I believe that this will help me - till I look in the March Peter dandelions and red mullet, like losing weight.

Seeking on the Internet. There's diets - are countless for every taste. However, upon closer inspection, it turns out that just for me nothing. Without exception, all versions begin with a sadistic advice: give up sweets. To be fair, it has found one, as it seemed at first glance, a suitable diet - "Chocolate": two bars of 50 grams per day - and nothing else!

I must confess that the extra pounds I had no more than a dozen, but this did not prevent them disgusting bulge at the point where I longed to see her waist. How can all this stretch bikini?

Losing hope in somebody else's wisdom, I came to the trivial, but the only possible conclusion: the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning. And the way out was found! Ten pounds left me slowly - over three months. But, they say, firstly, so reliable, and secondly, have time to really improve the shape. And most importantly - just in time for beach season managed to achieve the correct size and back waist. Moreover, I once heard a very sincere question: "You probably do ballet?" Upon my word!

I will immediately say: I do not practice a separate food (though perhaps it would be great), do not use adhesives and fat burners do not use encryption or zombies. I have also not been tested my will power and eating whatever he wants - and the basket with cream and chocolate with nuts. It turned out that the problem is solved completely comfortable way.

So, I open secret. Of course, you have seen on the shelves of supermarkets and drugstores tasteless, nasty foods - fiber or bran, which consist largely of the same fiber. It was they who were my saviors. And tea with milk. Directions for use: for 15-20 minutes before you start breakfast, lunch, etc., brewing regular tea: one bag for about two-thirds of large mugs of boiling water. After this, topped up with a mug of milk and drink with a tablespoon of bran. Or better with two or three. The stomach is full, there is a feeling of satiety. Then you can eat whatever you want (if there is still something you want).

Bran and tea with milk in combination with each other - great diuretic and a mild detergent, do not cause harm. Calories - at least: milk mixture a little, and vegetable fibers generally are not absorbed - despite the fact that in the stomach it increases greatly in volume. In addition, bran contains a huge amount of B vitamins, we need to smooth skin and beautiful hair. And note, all extremely positive! Milk can take any fat, if it is 4 to 5 percent, it takes less than a low-fat (about a quarter cup). As you can imagine, drinking a portion of this magic potion, there is much less than you want. If even pulls on tasty, instead of five candy quite a consolation.

Get a balanced nutrition: you can not waive some product categories, but do not overeat. The only minus: tea with milk washes the body of potassium, essential for the cardiovascular system. Therefore, still need to eat fruits and vegetables  - sources of potassium . Finally, you can use vitamins with trace elements.

Add another banal truth - do not forget about physical activity and a positive attitude. But this so everyone knows. I wish you success and beauty!

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