Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Choose a Diet?

People always something missing - someone money, someone to friends, someone to love, and someone just put together. And many think that it is imperfect appearance prevents them live and breathe. This is especially true for women. Probably because men are known to be fond of his eyes. Looking at the models proudly strode to the podium and cause hundreds of admiring glances, the girls rush to lose weight, genuinely believing it to drastically change their lives. Number of losing weight increases for the summer season, when extra pounds can not hide under sweaters and warm clothing.

Very few people are turning to specialists, a dietitian. Most of the costs on their own. Fortunately, that today there are hundreds of different diets. Each one promises a fast, rapid weight loss. And many of these diets do indeed give a stunning result. But ... Do you know what price do these "fast" pounds? There will be news that a diet - stress to the body. He ceases to receive the usual amount of food and

begins to expend its internal resources. And so as soon as you fall through a diet or eat something too much, the body will be hard to store fat, so to speak "for a rainy day."

Look closely at the diet you have chosen for ourselves and discard it if:

1. The total calorie foods consumed per day, less than 1200 kcal. In this case, slowing metabolic processes. And you will not get you need energy. Will eventually become difficult to perform routine things for you. There may be headaches, dizziness, weakness. Will you be able to fully enjoy life, do what you want, if you absolutely do not have the strength?

2. You are invited to eliminate carbohydrates (or protein). For the normal functioning of the body are necessary and fats, and carbohydrates, and proteins.

3. It is proposed there is only a single product (the so-called mono-diet). Eating this way you will not be able to provide your body with all essential trace elements and vitamins. As a consequence, malaise, weakness, brittle hair and nails. I think the prospect of become like a skeleton you are unlikely to be pleased.

4. In the diet prohibits the consumption of fat. Eliminating fat from your diet, you'll constantly feel hungry. And sooner or later fail. And gain more pounds than the fold.

5. Diet is based on a separate feed. Your stomach gets used separately to digest carbohydrates and proteins separately, you then can not return to normal diet. I guess that's why they say that the separate meals - a way of life that it should be for life.

In addition, deciding to "quickly and effectively lose weight, you must remember that in this case, the weight loss is only 20% are from fat and 80% - it's muscle.

Strict diets are dangerous for the human psyche. Sometimes it is very difficult to stop. You say to yourself. And then another and another. So come anorexia - lack of appetite, leading to depletion of the body. A person does not eat, lose weight, lose weight, lose weight. The most terrible thing that he does not understand that sick. He really likes the way he looks at the progress weight 25 kg.

Subject to a strict diet lurks another danger - bulimia, ie absorption of food in huge quantities. All logical person restricts himself in all things, and he so wants to eat candy. And once it breaks down. He has no control over himself. He just eats. Then he begins to blame himself, and fear leads to recover artificially induce vomiting. And so he lives, from the breakdown and before failing. Do you think this behavior will not affect the body? You run the risk of ruin your stomach, the digestive organs.

Before you sit down on a strict diet, think about whether this will solve your problems, improve your life. Often, the problem is not in shape, and in man himself. Lose weight, he finds another cause for concern. And to keep myself in shape, take care of yourself can be no hunger, no damage to the body.

The most important thing - is to love yourself, accept yourself with all faults. Self-love in any case can not lead you to overeating and obesity, for "love yourself" means "Be demanding of myself." Love yourself!

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