Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Lose Weight and Re-dial?

Getting ready for vacation! Collect suitcases, and it turns out that absolutely nothing to wear. Last year's skirt does not converge on the hips, your favorite pants can stretch from the third attempt, and bright topic fits two new wrinkles on the side ... Moreover, shopping, designed to lighten the mood, resulting in depression - all the saleswomen, as if by agreement, shoved the 50th the size instead of your "legal" 46th. Well, no. In this spirit, on vacation? No way!

1. Thus, the decision is made. Since yesterday, ate two cabbage leaves, drank a glass of kefir, and now an hour staring longingly at the fridge, painfully thinking, not to pour a half-full for the four home borscht? And as always - three days, "French" or "protein"

diet replaced a week of gluttony. lost two hundred grams of recovered two kilograms, because the transition from half-starved existence in the habitual diet once the body "gets" her. This "principle of the pendulum" is absolutely on all the tough short-term diet. Adhere to the new good habits should not occasionally but constantly.

2. The first thing to change - it's breakfast, if I may so call the seizure attempt to drink a cup of coffee while pulling the tights and tinting eyelashes. For thin and slender (which we will soon become!) A hearty breakfast - is sacred. Excuses that morning is not desirable, decrypted simple: do not eat after seven (or six, as will prompt the stomach) in the evening - and good morning appetite is provided to you. Coffee substitute green tea (strengthens the immune system) or any broth (rose, for example), compotes, fruit, preferably prepared from fresh fruits and berries, and not on sugar and on fructose. Cottage cheese, cottage cheese, oatmeal, cereal, sandwiches (white bread is replaced by the grain) - Options for a healthy breakfast and healthy depends on your preferences.

3. Drink plenty of fluids. If you never bothered edema, a 2-2,5 liters per day (coffee, black tea does not count). Water should be room temperature, purified (spaced) and non-carbonated. Disclaim sweet drinks containing an insane amount of chemistry, and sugar (two sips of soda = candy cane), and the water creates the illusion of fullness with zero calories. The more you drink, the more "fat burning" hormones your body produces.

4. Down with salt! The surest way to lose weight - is to get rid of excess water. It accumulates in the cells of our body due to sodium chloride (salt), so add some salt rejection ready meals (the best way, do not eat salt, replacing salt, spices) quickly will save you from a couple of extra pounds.

5. Feeling hungry, you are without prejudice to the figures can have a snack. Just not another eclair or chocolate, and a useful and healthy food - a handful of peanuts, walnuts or sunflower seeds (they imagine, very well affect the condition of the skin), dietetic bread, a pair of green apples, salads of cabbage (and any other vegetables, but not potato), kiwifruit, grapefruit, a glass of nonfat yogurt ...

6. Do not drink after a meal - it is a very bad habit that can lead to metabolic disorders. Food is digested more slowly and begins to ferment, causing a feeling of heaviness and swelling. But drink 15-20 minutes before eating very much helpful. Water will quench the first, most acute attack of hunger and activates the internal secretion, resulting in you and eat less food and better digestion.

Forward to the beach!

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