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How to Prevent Obesity in Children? Simple Rules

Small plump children - such pretty! Plump schoolchildren at recess eating hot dogs and hamburgers do not cause such emotion. Rather puzzled as to why these "useful" products are sold in the school cafeteria. And in that turn kids after puberty when they start to gain weight - so much more to gain.

Causes of excessive fullness and childhood obesity - the same as in adults: a hormonal imbalance, lack of exercise and too much high-calorie food. But if adults (not all but most) are themselves aware of the problem and solve it, the child needs the help of parents. Although in most cases, parents are to blame for the fact that the child is overweight.

Very often the parents themselves are not goners like to eat and always trying to feed her child - even if this child does not want. "Eat a spoonful of the mother, and another for the pope, for his grandmother, a grandfather, a brother." Familiar words, is not it? The child does not want to eat - but the plate still something left to throw out the same sorry, the best stuff in the beloved heir.

Little rests his hands and feet, dabbles, seated at the table (the first sign that the child has already had enough, hunger) and resents forcibly food or coaxing to eat. Large offspring have usually accustomed to eat everything put - it wants or does not want, but eat, because all the same force or persuade. And in general "as necessary".

Many parents believe that if they suffer complete, then the child awaits the same fate. Although more heavily on health and weight of the child have food habits and diet, exercise or a sedentary lifestyle.

Predispose a child to the fullness - not a sentence. Obesity can be avoided if you observe some simple rules. Rules not only food, but also lifestyle.

1. First, you need to consult a physician

And, if necessary, to pass all prescribed tests. Perhaps the child is not just a chubby and plump, but has any disease. Then - no self-medication, the advice of friends or neighbors, articles from fashion magazines. Children's bodies are too fragile to experiment with his health.

But in the majority of total children if their completeness has not yet passed into obesity, relatively healthy. And completeness is a consequence of poor lifestyle choices and nutrition, rather than the disease. By the way, because children do not choose life, that would be correct to say that their completeness - the result of unhealthy lifestyle, the whole family.

2. How is eating a baby. And how much they eat in the family

If the family accepted abundant feast every day, including a dense heavy dinner, constant snacking bun, regular trips to fast food fast foods, the chances grow multiplied. Children tend to copy the habits of parents - especially as long as they are not forced to it. Watching mom eats a giant burger with double portion of fried potatoes, or the third piece of cake, the child will assume this is absolutely normal behavior and will do the same.

And parents breathe easier mournfully, looking at the beloved and say: "Well, what to do, it's heredity!". Indeed, why follow the diet (including for his), if the blame can be laid on heredity.

3. What eats baby

More accurately than its feed and what they eat, his parents, setting an example and kids. The benefits of fruits and vegetables they know, perhaps, even Eskimos - although they, fruits and vegetables, in the historic homeland of the Inuit do not grow. A variety of salads - a great variety for every taste and even color. Meat and dairy products are needed for children no less fruit and vegetables - though not in such numbers. But the need for hot dogs and sausages, pies and cakes, non-ferrous of powder and "cool" candy bars - under great doubt. Have not yet found a scientist who could prove the usefulness of these products. Who knows, maybe in the near future will be invented useful candy and vitamin sausages - then we will cram their children. And now it is better to abstain, especially if the child has long been out of infancy and infant folds and fat deposits remained. And we, adults, more like a sumo wrestlers, than inmates of Buchenwald, it too will benefit.

Conclusion: The fight against overweight children should start with lifestyle changes the whole family.
Caution. In no event shall be subjected to the child's body and a strict diet restrictions - it is still growing and has more needs than an adult. Any limitation or exclusion of food products from their diet - only after consulting your physician. Have in mind is the food - that is what a man needs for growth and maintenance of life. Cakes, sweets, crisps, chewing gum, colored artificial drinks, sweet rolls, and more are not necessary. In chemical composition they are even difficult to be attributed to food. And ridding the diet of the child (and person in general) of such redundancies will benefit.

4. You can not make a useful food by force

How would you touted usefulness of carrot salad, but get to eat this salad a child, previously fed only with a sweet, almost impossible. Especially if the mother at the same time continues to tuck into custard cakes and chocolates.

5. Hence the following rule: the best example for your child - it's the behavior of parents

Including eating behavior. Have to be patient and prepare healthy food, using different recipes, while ceasing to buy wholesale cakes, semi-finished products and sweets. And give your own example. And do not build in this wry face. If the whole family eats dinner roast pork with potatoes and a child on the dish - vegetable salad, or steam cutlet, it will not lead to anything good. Be honest and set an example to our own actions - an example of the most contagious.

All rules are simple. The hardest thing - to observe them constantly, regularly, and the whole family. And do not make exceptions - particularly for themselves, children are very sensitive to hypocrisy. Continued - in the next article.

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  1. I've heard a lot of awful stories on kids and teens trying to loss weights and even consider bariatric bypass surgery as an option. As parents we are responsible for our children's health. Changing lifestyle and choosing the right food for them is one way to cut weights. Engaging them in physical activities can also keep them fit.