Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ever Wondered How To Lose Weight By 27 Pounds in Four Months?

I was not graceful than ever. Perhaps that is why she longed to be! Tolstoy, of course, also was not. Thus, the plump ... All my attempts to diet ended one - in the morning on a diet of the village, the evening got off to a diet. And lived. Overweight, as I realized later, I was only saved by the fact that, by virtue of their age, led a fairly active lifestyle. All the time was looking for: yourself, the profession, work, adventure and life partner. Well, how much is spent on all this energy, you yourself know very well!

But then came the day when all this was found. There was, calm and delicious life ... For a year I gained a life of fifteen kilograms. Sitting on a diet and not learned. And it turned out that my husband and I look forward to her first child! A pregnant should eat particularly well!

In general, having given birth and standing on the scales, I saw a figure of 85 kilograms of ... Dress size - 52 ... In the heart, speaking very softly - "Kaka"! In the statement, which gave me in the hospital, write: "obesity, second degree." I just wanted to wail on their helplessness and grief! Difficult for me to properly convey your feelings. Who has a similar problem, I understand. It is this emotional outburst helped me to firmly stand on this difficult and slippery slope of losing weight!

One of my friends much, "threw off" the weight, go to the clinic «N» (the program name, for obvious reasons, all of you, can not name). Remained in her booklet from the same clinic, which I took advantage. The meaning of this method is that after several treatments and procedures for paying the patient asked to follow a particular diet. Upon reflection, I came to the conclusion: why spend money if you still need to diet? I will not list all the products that can be used, simply call those who fed me.

Eat every three hours so as not to feel a constant feeling of hunger. Calories not counted, as it was laziness. Three times a week to arrange "Kefir day." To do this, bought 1.5 liters of low-fat kefir and drink it all day. On ordinary days, could eat beets with garlic and sour cream, and sometimes (couple times a week) ate a pair of eggs, cucumbers and fat-free cottage cheese. Curd bred with a little warm water, dissolve it in advance several tablets sweetener (0 calories). Peel for a day of coffee and tea with the same sweetener.

And so it was fed for 6 months. Failures, of course, happened ... But stay away from "failure" to "collapse" in a long time. She helped me with this needle on the scales, which dropped lower and lower, and of course, that I began to get involved in their "past" things!

Throughout this time taking a vitamin complex, as diverse a diet could not be called. In the month I was able to "throw down" 5.4 pounds. As a result, my scales showed 58 pounds! And what self-esteem has grown! I was happy!

As it turned out, lose weight - it's not a problem. The problem - to keep the weight! My life has turned into an endless fight ... I gradually recovered again at 8 pounds. But at this weight has stopped. I was able to correctly calculate your diet and exercise (40 minutes on a stationary bike in the mode of aerobic activity).

When my daughter was one year and seven months, I was again in the "interesting" position. After the second birth, I again recovered. Weight up to 75 pounds. Again, stress, depression and fight ...

This time I have learned a lot of different literature, tried various methods and diets. I liked the "Kremlin" diet. Weight on it I have not dropped, but delicious eating and recovering! Sit on this diet all the time, I learned from several sources, is harmful to health. But to her aid, you can resort during and after the holidays. I was so much easier to go from a wholesome diet or regular diet for. Now its use as a transitional method before the diet.

Invented a diet itself, joining together several techniques:

1. Calorie from 800 to 1000 Rs per day.
2. Carbohydrates to 60 grams per day.
3. Fat to 15 grams per day.
4. Volume of a portion should be large enough to rid himself of feelings of hunger.
5. Eat at least 3 times a day.
6. The break between the meals should not exceed 5 hours.
7. Do not eat after 6 pm.

Make a diet you can do to your liking, using the table of products. For example, how I eat: breakfast can eat a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes (1 large tomato, 1 large cucumber). Fill with its mixture of water and vinegar (2 tablespoons water, 1 teaspoon vinegar 9%), or not at all seasoned. For lunch, boil 300 grams of Pollock himself, or pink. In the broth add the bay leaf, salt, and allspice. Supper, as a rule, sauerkraut (g 250) and low-fat cottage cheese (200 grams), which breed in small amounts of water sweetened with sugar substitute. Drink throughout the day tea and coffee, too, with sweeteners.

On this I am losing weight your diet to 7-8 pounds per month!

About how this diet affects health, I do not know. I will not lie. I have no problems. Be sure to take vitamins. If, sorry, constipation, drink a laxative. But not overused! Losing weight fast (this is, like, not very useful in terms of health), there is no feeling of hunger. I am satisfied. For me, this is the best, quickest and "painless" way!

The most important thing - to keep the achieved results! From the diet need to go slowly. For example, each week (preferably every two weeks) to increase your intake somewhere in the 200-300Kk. If the weight during this time was added, then another increase, and so on, until you find the amount of Rs, which you can eat and not get fat. After all, what is written in books - approximate calculations. Everyone has their own metabolism, and therefore should find the necessary calories alone!

Everyone who wants to lose weight, good luck and fortitude! Let us be so, what has always wanted to be! As stated in a television commercial: "You deserve it!"

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