Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Become Slim?

First of all, let's find out why you need it. If you prepare yourself to leave in a revealing bathing suit - this one. But if you want to win figure flaws, then we need to change attitudes, and most importantly - to their health.

Reason bumps and depressions on the thighs, buttocks and other body parts - nothing else as a result of the lifestyle that we lead. And do not say now that life exists, and there's no time. It's just different - you do not find it for yourself. Therefore we must make a choice. Or - I will do everything to look like I want to, either - just going to want. If you, dear reader, the first category, then we on the road, and this article for you.

Thus, the most important rule - consistency. Better - fewer procedures, constraints and loads, but be sure - the regularity of care. And then it will become habitual and enjoyable

thing for you, and the results will be long and impressive.

Exercise. In no case do not torture yourself by excessive workloads. This can only hurt you. But without physical activity in the struggle for a beautiful body can not do. Depending on the age and his temperament, then what is right for you. (The author is with joy, and most importantly from a professional point of view, tell how to make a right and healthy choice). Three times a week - at least, which will give you energy. It can be trainers, aerobics, yoga, hiking ... banal and cleaning.

Food. Remember: a strict diet - it's not an assistant, and the enemy of your health and mood. It is impossible to sit, and starving the body stores all the heightened pace, and the weight will increase. If you eat properly, change your bad habits once and for all. This does not mean that absolutely can not be sweet and fried. Just do not eat a lot and before bedtime. More vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat and dairy products.

Drink clean water, especially in summer when we lose a lot of fluid. After all the moisture - a pledge the beauty of our skin. Give up soft drinks. Make it easy, and the body will only say thank you. If you love green tea, do not deny yourself the pleasure of a cup. Scientifically proven that it helps to eliminate toxins and may even prevent cancer.

Treat your skin. Let you become the rule - moisturize it after every water treatments. Contrast shower - the perfect tool not only cheer, but also improve skin elasticity. Avoid very hot water and hygiene, which dry the skin. Pay special attention to her during the summer, when all eager to become golden brown. You run the risk of sacrificing health, because even a minor burn can lead not only to premature aging, but also the risk of skin diseases.

Swim, if possible, not only in the summer, but the whole year. In addition to fun, swimming tightens figure leads to tone muscles and improves circulation.

Indulge in massage and sauna, or banya. And, both will help in the fight against orange peel. " Will withdraw toxins, excess fluids and strengthen the blood circulation. And the skin will become smoother and more elastic. Just do not overdo it in pairs. Remember, for the heart - this is an additional burden. Once a week is enough to "clean up" the body.

And yet - let everything be in joy. Remember, you do it for yourself, the best woman on earth. All in your hands, and believing in yourself, you can save and prolong youth and beauty.

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