Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Eat and Still Lose Weight?

No man can live without food, but food intake invariably leads to excess weight. This is true not for everyone, but those people who can eat and not get fat, very little.

Many to lose weight, go on a diet, cleansing himself tortured for days and other extremely unpleasant procedures. But can we do without these tedious hunger? Can I eat and still lose weight? To both questions is yes. But how can this be achieved? But the answer to this question, see below.

The basic rule: never go hungry. All of hunger and fasting days led body under stress, and it begins to accumulate fat. This, in turn, leads to the appearance of excess weight.

Number of meals optimally 3-4 times including breakfast.

For all meals adhere to two things:
Wash down after a meal. Fruits before eating.

Than the coarse food, the more energy is expended in its processing, so the fruit peeled not always make sense. Preferably before breakfast, eat apples, oranges, tangerines and the like, DO NOT bananas and grapes. Nut lovers will have to abstain from drinking for two months. If absolutely nothing, then in small amounts can be, but it is desirable not to use it.

And then go wash / paint, perform different procedures for the morning or, if you do not need to do it, then after taking fruits after 15 minutes of breakfast.

Breakfast: black, corn or flour 1 and 2 varieties of bread - in unlimited amounts. Optimally - to make toast. To not be bored to eat bread (even healthy food with regular use can cause nausea), you can use any fruit jam (no sugar or to fructose, which can be found in any dietary or department store). Low-fat cottage cheese can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

The main rule of breakfast - anything greasy.

Drink - green tea or real coffee. This coffee - this is where the seeds are present, and not something strange brownish color that has proudly referred to as instant coffee. Natural products contain a minimum of harmful impurities, while processed - a lot. Therefore, they are potentially harmful.

Lunch is no different from dinner, so we consider together.
Categorically not: pasta, potatoes, pastries, rice, all the sweet butter. If you strongly want sweet, then allowed to eat can be found in the dietary departments. You can also eat chocolate, but not all, bitter and black.

Everything else - meat, sour cream, sausage, mayonnaise, eggs, mushrooms, all the vegetables in unlimited quantities.
From alcohol can dry red wine. Favorite drink beer leads to excess weight.

From experience: make yourself at night omelet with sausage, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Experience in shedding excess weight - up to 2 months 8 kilograms. The hardest part - it's just the first two months, then the body moves in and live becomes much more fun.

This method has been tested on myself, but there is no guarantee a positive outcome for you personally.

Enjoy your weight loss.

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