Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Lose Weight With Aromatherapy?

Many of us agree with the proverb "We must eat to live, not live to eat." Nevertheless, obesity is still one of the most urgent problems of modern society. "We need to lose weight" - aggressively you tell yourself, and ... again to overeat at night, unable to resist a piece of cake or appetizing smell of fried chicken. You know, that much can not go on, but still abusing food and comfort themselves with the fact that Monday would you take for yourself, then certainly grow thin!

From a theoretical point of view to lose weight is easy. Compliance with a few simple rules - and the old clothes is great, and the body gradually decreases in volume. Recommendations of dietitians are known - not to overeat, not eat after 8 pm, less sweet, fatty, starchy foods. But here's the practical implementation of these simple rules to carry out difficult.

Hard working day, fatigue, and unresolved problems lead to the fact that the appetite takes precedence over common sense, and a farewell to the fat deposits again postponed until better times. Finally, disillusioned with his willpower and perseverance, you mashesh hand on all the bans and again indulge absorption of food. But out of this seemingly dead-end situation is. And he is much closer than you think.

Scientists have long noticed that patients lost their sense of smell often gain weight. This happens because the feeling of fullness comes not from the stomach, and from the brain. Conventionally, hunger can be divided into two types - physically and emotionally. When the stomach is literally driving from hunger - that is physical hunger. But when the day was eaten up a lot, has not even stomach is empty and you pull all go to eat - you tortured emotional hunger.

Especially often emotional hunger comes in the evenings. The fact is that by the end of the day the rational part of consciousness somewhat dulled, and active work takes emotional. That's it-and makes us overeat without realizing this report. It turns out that control this process by using aromatherapy. Increasing the amount of aromatic signals transmitted to the brain can "trick" myself and make the brain think that you'll eat more.

In addition, pleasant smells are soothing to the nervous system. But many of us overeat because of constant anxiety. Therefore, aromatherapy - the best way to suppress appetite, and in passing and getting rid of the habit of "seizing" trouble. Also, this way of controlling weight is absolutely harmless.

So what is aromatherapy diet and where to start? To begin, select the smells, the inhalation of which gives you pleasure. This can be a neutral food flavors - vanilla, green apple, cinnamon. And any other odors, depending on your preference. Inhale aromas prior to and during the meal, and also just for the day. In the evening you can even "eat" just one smell that is very positive effect on your figure.

For aromatic slimming suit inhalers, herbs, spices, aromatic extracts. Try to always keep the "aromatic first aid kit" within reach. And when the hand once again reach for the bun, sweet or a sandwich, immediately use "delicious artillery." Technology inhaling smells very simple: hold one nostril and take three deep breaths on the other. Then switch nostrils and repeat. At exorbitant appetite and big problems with weight inhaling smells very frequently - up to 300 times a day. Try from time to time change the odors as addictive reduces the effectiveness of techniques.

Enjoy your weight loss!

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