Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Avoid the Extra Pounds?

When the great Plisetskaya was asked how she managed to maintain a slender graceful figure, Maya Mikhailovna with her usual frankness replied, "guzzle less necessary." Absolutely fair statement, but with one amendment - smaller but more frequent.

Nutritionists advise a 4-5 times a day, while reducing the amount of portions and calorie foods. With this diet you do not have time to "brutally" hungry and lose all sense of proportion at the table.

Without limiting ourselves, we can have lettuce, broccoli, spinach, peppers, beans, seasoning dishes with olive oil. Here I may say: just try myself, lettuce, without limitation, at least with spinach, even with broccoli. So one must first of lettuce or breast cooked chicken wrap, sprinkle with lemon juice, and only then with olive oil flavor.

In the morning, instead of drinking a cup of coffee on the run with a sandwich, it is advisable if you are of course concerned about the extra pounds, eat a full breakfast - porridge, scrambled eggs, toast and lean meats.

At work, do not snack rolls, hamburgers, and even more fashionable now noodles is much more useful apple, eat a banana or yogurt drink.

Especially pay attention to him at night, when I want to heartily leisurely lunch, and along with dinner, reward yourself for daily hardships, then sit in front of the TV with a bag of chips or crackers.

Ideal - get elegant tablecloth, nice lay the table and pour the soup is not normal from the pan, and porcelain tureens. First of all, this is an excellent occasion to gather the whole family, and secondly, in such circumstances will not be poured to the brim and apply it.

Some do not restrict themselves either in stock or in the amount of eatables, the tables are not served - in the kitchen from the frying pan fried in lard potatoes at night with pickles and harmony do not lose.
This is the time to recall the main regulator of energy processes in the body - the thyroid gland. Some have it in pristine condition, others are less fortunate, so that periodic consultations endocrinologist they do not interfere.

It is the thyroid gland with its powerful hormones T3 and T4 is solely responsible for the metabolism and weight fluctuations, for heat transfer and IQ, gives the hair, eyes and skin a radiant glow. And for all her normal activities and have that 200 micrograms of iodine a day, and where to take them - a matter of taste: sea cabbage, fresh fish, shrimp, radish, asparagus, peas, peppers, persimmons, cheese, egg yolk - is to choose from.

Scientifically proven that the weight depends on the duration and sleep quality. It turns out that insomnia increases the level of hunger hormone - ghrelin and decreases leptin - a hormone that controls appetite. This explains the devastating raids on the refrigerator working at night workaholics.

So support your inner power generator, do not neglect the open arms of Morpheus, and then in spring comes rush slender, light-footed, and most importantly, very hardy gazelle.

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