Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Understand You Exercise Effectively or Not?

Anyone who has ever seen the mass of engaged aerofitnosheypingom can understand it. If the load on the body under the proposed exercise is not enough, it can be seen in how people breathe. If a person is like and does, but is not breathing deeply and often can not be seen speaking with sweat, does not overcome its "do not take it anymore", that lessons are ineffective.

If during exercise is not increased ventilation, it means only one thing - a very low consumption of oxygen by muscles of the body. Clearly, if there is no work, and insulin levels virtually unchanged. And the existing ensemble of fat and muscle cells are not experiencing "discomfort." Everything remains in place: burnt fraction of carbohydrates, have spent time and money - and all for nothing.

Let's try again to dispel the myths of sport

• We all want to achieve results as quickly as possible. And it seems that more and more intensely engaged, the greater the load the muscle, the quicker you can become slim and beautiful. Well, the truth in these allegations are. But here's the rub: the more calories you burn, the more tired muscles, the more recovery time you need it. In addition, it teaches you the muscle to very high loads and more efficient use of energy. So then you lose weight can be tricky.

• However, not all adhere to a radical point of view. Others believe that 10 minutes of fitness a week - through the roof. Not surprisingly, even a year later devotees of this idea are the same full as before.

• By the way, long breaks in employment are also not the best way. The law of "regression": the muscles no longer receive the oxygen they need and quickly lose their tone. Within 1-2 months, the muscles lose their tone, volumes increase. However, this does not mean that the muscles turn into fat. There is an amusing and confusing. They are completely different types of fabrics.

• Some believe that it is necessary to train harder, someone clicks on the "problem areas" and thinks that the push press after 1000 there will be no wrinkles. And here and there. Fat evenly throughout the body disappears, and not from any one place. So in this sense does not really matter what place you pay more attention. But the rest of the side muscles are affected.

How to train?

Training in shaping a set of exercises, muscle groups successively in different parts of the body. Each selected muscle group "worked out" by repeated cyclical repetition exercises. Repetition should be continued until exhaustion (30-200 times or time 60-240 s), then changing loaded limb or muscle group. Sometimes the muscle group worked out several exercises, or back to it repeatedly during the sessions. Characteristic for shaping workout is that it loads the muscles slightly involved in daily life. The choice of these muscles is just and expedient methodically, as opposed to "hardened" muscle groups, they offer scope for significant energy and morphological changes.

The peculiarity of the structural composition "unhardened" muscles is a small amount of slow muscle fiber type-1, adapted to continuous operation and, accordingly, the presence of fast fibers of type 2. In their energy supply plays a significant role anaerobic (oxygen-free) mechanism, consumption of energy reserves and muscle cells of the body. During the classes are shaping actively involved all three mechanisms of energy supply: ADP with CRF, anaerobic glycolysis, aerobic oxidation processes. The presence of fast fibers of type 2 gives the important role of glycolysis process.

Long-term repeated exercises focused on an exhaustive use of available energy resources in muscle cells - glycogen and lipid inclusions. As a result of active muscle cells accumulate lactic acid, there are characteristic pain.

After the change of load on the muscle groups have more muscle bundles are exploring, to the complete exhaustion of their capacity. Willful effort to ensure compliance with the latest iterations "in can not," increases production of hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine can stimulate glycolysis and tissue respiration, as well as the mobilization of free fatty acids from fat depots.

After the end of the muscle can be observed the following results: a significant loss of energy by the body as a whole, including the reduction of liver glycogen reserves, consumption of fatty acids from fat depots. These changes in the body cause the activation of metabolic processes within a few hours after the end of the muscle work. It is necessary to provide recovery of energy reserves: a synthesis of CRF, the oxidation of lactic acid and glycogen resynthesis from it. And it will be at the expense of your own fat.

It is also believed that some foods can help speed up the metabolism. They need to include in your diet: grapefruit, pomelo, pineapple, green tea, cinnamon, red pepper, dairy products, low fat, fish oil-rich, pumpkin and nuts. But alcohol, on the contrary, will only slow your metabolism and worsen the results of training.

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