Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Technique of Rotation of the Hoop

As practice shows, not everyone is able to twist the hoop properly. So, to give the maximum load on the waist and do not create unnecessary tension in the back. Even more, some of our home-athletes on the sides of the waist and bruises stood out, preventing further studies. So we turned to experts who spoke about the proper technique of rotation of the hoop at the waist. It is best to rehearse in front of a mirror, until then, until you are all done automatically.

1. Starting position: feet together necessarily, hand in hand or over your head, back, strictly straight. If the legs wide apart, then not be able to effectively work through waist muscles. In the work immediately connects the thigh, buttocks, and a full range of small waist is not certain.

2. Movement waist should be quiet, rhythmic, in any case, not jerky, so as not to hurt his back.

3. No need to twist back and forth, you need to do rotational movements in a clockwise direction.

4. The amplitude of the rotation, there is a circle the waist should be as small as possible.

5. It is only necessary to rotate the waist, chest and buttocks are not involved!

6. Twist on an empty stomach! And it is good to do some pre-breathing exercises to "kick out" excess air from the stomach and allow the muscles to better worked through.

7. Breathing exercises will suit any. Try, for example, the following exercise. Large very long "to the diaphragm," exhaling puffs like a balloon, but without inspiration. Then, through your nose with your mouth closed, a big breath like a vacuum cleaner sucking in the air. After that blow all the air. All this is done without a pause. 3-4 times is enough.

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