Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gain A Beautiful Shape Without Simulators

The first "trainer" - a ladder.

Studies have shown that during walking on the landing energy is spent five times more than walking on a plane. Imagine the benefits of the gym: you do not need to steam in an elevator hot day, breathing in other people's "flavors." In winter, walking up the stairs, you can warm up after a great frost.

So, if you decide to replace the ladder simulator, proceed to the exercises. To get started, try not to miss a single ladder and forget about the elevator. After a few days, try increasing the load: when lifting retract the stomach, keep your posture and do not lean on the railing. When climbing stairs trained muscles of the buttocks and the front of the thigh, and the descent are working all the muscles of the legs.

To increase the load on leg muscles, walk through the step, getting sideways. Lifting back forward - an effective way to combat cellulite.

The second "simulator" - a plastic bottle. This handy device for those who prefer weight training the upper body. Plastic bottle that is filled with water, replace the weights. Here are a few simple exercises.

Legs spread shoulder-width apart, lift up not very heavy water dumbbells. Keep leaning forward, waving his arms. During tilt exhale, letting your hands between your legs. Straighten, cave, taking a deep breath. Do not bend in the knees. Exercise develops the muscles of the shoulder girdle and back.

Exercise for the abdominal muscles: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms with dumbbells, lift up. Perform circular motions with the torso to the right and left side. If you breathe in subsidence, tilt - exhale.

The third "simulator" - a wonderful taste. Watermelon can be used for home fitness. In this case, he plays ball. Exercises with the subject is not limited. Here are some of them:

Lying on the floor and hugging with watermelon, bend at the knees and go with watermelon, removing blades from the floor. Running back and swinging the press. Now hold a watermelon between your knees to your chest and lift the legs. Omitting the feet, try to touch your knees sex. Take turns, raising hands together with a sweet "simulator", roll it on the floor like a ball. And at the end of training sports equipment, cut and eat. You deserve it!

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