Tuesday, July 5, 2011

90-60-90, or How to Maintain Weight after Weight Loss?

Have excess weight is not in the spirit of the time. Fashion, advertising, mass media offer us the image of business, successful women, slim, toned and eternally young. 90-60-90 notorious become an obsession for young virgins and mature matrons.

Paradox: the slender women enjoy all complete - a few. When the lady weighing nearly far or per hundredweight, smiling sweetly, said: "I do not want to lose weight! I have a husband and a love! "- Sorry, I do not believe. Hence, all the tools used, and the result is zero, and found a convenient excuse for himself.

To lose weight should be at least in order to be healthy. Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, endocrine disorders - loyal subjects of His Majesty the extra weight.

How to lose weight? Of course, to reasonable limits. There are lots of formulas by which one can calculate the weight, the best for your age and gender. I think the most accurate formula that can calculate the body mass index: BMI = weight (kg): height (in meters) squared. Normal - 20-25kg/m.kv.; 25-30 - overweight, more than 30 - obesity up 19 - shortage of weight and less than 17.5 - depletion.

So you have decided on their optimum weight. And a few weeks, even months, his teeth clenched, tormented himself a diet - the Kremlin, Hollywood, glasses, sat on the method of kefirchike favorite singer, gave all the money for overseas vaunted miracle remedy, spent the night in the bathroom after cleaning of Chinese tea, jogging the joy of yard dog, panting on the carpet in the hallway, adding in the lotus position, a dragon-tiger, leaping, like hippos in the company of nice fat at a health club, etc. etc. And each morning with a sinking heart, came to the weights: 200 grams, 300, of, a kilo! And then, finally, the weight is taken! Jess! Jess!

You look terrific! No soap climbs into daughter's jeans, in a wedding dress in the closet almost 20 years! Men on the street in no hurry to tear your eyes away from admiring the new (or well forgotten old?) Forms, and beloved husband became suddenly meet you after work each day and to call a cell every half hour. Co-worker cringe from the metamorphosis taking place before their eyes: you are no longer in  fold, and a beautiful butterfly!

"Wow, now you can relax!" - You decide, and the cock starts to crawl inexorably to the usual place. How to maintain weight after weight loss? Life on a diet? Through trial and error for myself, I developed some simple rules to follow for many years.

1. The classic triad: breakfast - lunch - dinner - iron rule. Forget about the first case between breakfast and lunch at the workplace, the second with his girlfriend between lunch and dinner, and the third on the couch to sleep. No snacking between meals! I wanted to stay one's stomach - eat it with apple. And the best - drink a glass of water.

2. There can be, and sweet, and flour, but stick to the golden rule of "one-pieces." One candy, ice cream one, a piece of cake! If today you allowed yourself to meringue, ice cream is better to eat tomorrow.

3. Nutritionists recommend supper for two hours before bedtime. I tried, no result. My dinner between 16 and 17 hours. And the next morning there is absolutely not desirable. Body simply gets used to the new diet. Just do not stop immediately, dramatically, do not eat after 17 hours. First, let it be 19 hours a month - 18. Gradually bring the threshold to five pm.

4. Limit the amount of salt and sugar. Used to drinking sweet tea? Put a spoonful of sugar, not three, as love. Remember that sweet carbonated drinks contribute to fluid retention!

5. Movement - life. It is an axiom. Choose for yourself what a simple set of exercises and practice regularly. I chose Body-Flex Greer Childers: 20 minutes daily. We do not need any special equipment or a form can be done in a nightgown or pajamas. The results are phenomenal: a beautiful body, taut muscles, energize for the day. Choose what you like and brings pleasure and satisfaction.

6. Control your weight. Buy a good digital scale. And weigh yourself once every three to four days. Easier to lose an extra pound, ten.

7. Arrange fasting days every two weeks. Kefir, apple, meat, berry and dairy - all which can easily stand your body. I like potatoes: 1 kg of potatoes with the skin, without salt and fat and bake in the oven, divide into five receptions and eat with gusto.

Positive thinking, love of life and one's neighbor, a lot of sex - it is also important components of a set of rules, "How to maintain weight?"

Everyone - it's individuality. Common to all recipes do not exist. My rules were tested on himself, his beloved, and my family. There is much to be proud: in 43 years - 44 dress size! With the growth of 172 centimeters - the weight of 56-57 kg lasts for more than five years.

Good luck, dear women! It's in our hands!

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