Monday, July 18, 2011

A Sense Of Proportion In The Gym Is Not Too Much

In an effort to look good, radiating health and be confident we will, at times, going to the gym, forget about the sense of measure. As a result, engaging in various sports, we get the tension and trauma. Why does this happen?

The most common mistake we make is that we expect to load properly. If we have not engaged, then you should start with basic exercises. In addition, for the first time will be enough to make them one at a time approach - no more. Otherwise, the pain in the muscles can not be avoided. A similar situation is when they come to class, we immediately begin to exercise power, forgetting about the workout or just brushing against it. Muscle tension and even tension in such cases, we are almost guaranteed.

But just what is hidden behind these names uncomplicated ailments that we used to have hearing? It turns out, triggered by muscle strain as follows: for excessive or prolonged stress is overwork certain muscle groups - frantically cut some muscle bundles, resulting in pain. Muscle strain is manifested convulsions of the lower extremities (usually calf), twitching, tremors, acute muscle spasms. Stretching is an even less, because it is a traumatic injury of muscle fibers themselves or connect the muscles and tendons. Agree, nice enough. But the balanced load - something that can prevent such misunderstandings in sports.

And, of course, coming to the gym, do not hold to, no matter if you are feeling. It does not matter, hurts back, aching head and grabbed a side deal with the day to the best of it is not necessary. You can consult with a trainer to explain the situation to him and hear his recommendations. In some cases it is enough to do some work on the perfection of his body and at the same time eliminate the discomfort, but in other classes have to be postponed to the next, more favorable times.

Those who are ignoring the voice of reason, eager for the fight against overweight and centimeters, can seriously harm their health. In such cases, injuries happen very often. Of course, for back pain, arthralgia, overvoltage and stretching the muscles with unpleasant sensations help make short work of both pain and anti-inflammatory drugs intended for local external use only. For example, is always worth keeping in your gym bag by means of diclofenac. Suitable voltaren emulgel, which due to its unique shape emulgel (emulsion + gel) penetrate deeply into tissue directly to the source of pain and instantly removes them.

Also has a vital force in such situations, regular self-massage or massage (if you can not see a specialist, you can stretch your muscles on your own). It is best to carry out the procedure for using the basic or essential oils that have a therapeutic effect. Thus, the essential oil of oregano stimulates blood flow, and therefore it is good to apply for the resolution of bruising and healing abrasions. And, for example, lavender oil penetrates through the capillary network of the skin to deeper layers, thereby providing quick and excellent Curative action relaxes muscles. And, of course, do not forget about the bath. Her visit - a great way to speed up the recovery of the body after excessive physical activity.

But can we, the ardent sportsmen, so you do not suffer from muscle tension and strains, often just to listen to yourself and expect the load? Is not this the moment when the sense of measure will only benefit us? After all, to prevent injury is much easier than to deal with its consequences.

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