Monday, July 25, 2011

A Few Tips for Weight Loss

During follow any diet should move more, it increases energy and helps the body weight loss. Useful are weight training with dumbbells, walking and jogging for long distances, aerobics and shaping.

Aerobics is to perform various gymnastic exercises for rhythmic music, and shaping (from the word shape, meaning the shape) aims at focused development of specific muscle groups and thus the formation of lines, shapes.

Now become a popular so-called latent gymnastics, in which movement does not attract the attention of others, but are committed with force. It can silently do the work in the transport home. Elements of such exercises can be extreme corners of the head in hand, the convergence of blades compress the buttocks, drawing in the abdominal wall, pinning arms to the torso, pinning his knees and ankles together, etc. Each movement should stay at its maximum of 5 seconds.

Gymnastics is not only to reduce body weight but also to correct posture. The most common defect is slouching posture. If you stoop spine changes shape, and with it deforms the spinal cord. This is very bad for your health as well as in the spinal cord are all the centers in charge of the internal organs. Therefore, with stooped must fight in every way. To correct posture should be above all to cuddle up against the wall, the most upright, his hands apart to separate your palms against the wall, and then, without changing the position of the body, give up and move away from the wall. We must remember that the body position and try to keep him from walking.

To overcome the stoop to train your back muscles and neck, as well as to maintain flexibility of the spine. Useful for this bending back in the prone position while lifting the head, arms and legs. A good exercise is also this: get on your knees and palms to lean into the floor, relax your back, giving it to sag, then arch your back arch up, lowering his head, then bend back down and lift his head, doing so several times. All the movements should be done nicely and smoothly, in imitation of a cat or a snake.


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