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Unlike Shaping of Aerobics and Fitness

Everyone knows that in order to lose weight, you need physical activity. Now, in our progressive time, rather invented various methods and systems training for weight loss. For those who first took the difficult path of self-improvement and the fight against obesity, it is sometimes difficult to choose for themselves the appropriate exercise. Despite the apparent similarity of fitness, aerobics and shaping, the differences between these types of physical activity is very noticeable. They differ not only a system of training, but the approach to food and manufactured effect.


Shaping is an exclusively Russian invention - an application for recognition of shaping the invention was filed in the USSR in December 1988. Initially the system of training called "shaping" was created to enhance the physical attractiveness of women. The concept of "female appeal" in shaping includes not only the perfect figure, but well-groomed appearance, hairstyle, makeup, clothes, etc.

For this reason, assumed that the shaping is a complex system that integrates not only physical exercise and dietary principles and the art (shaping choreography), fashion (shaping style), the concept of shaping well-groomed appearance.

Training in shaping a set of exercises consistently affect different muscles in your body. Training effect is achieved by multiple cyclic repetition exercises. Repetitions are performed at a moderate pace for a lot of time (up to 300 or more) until fatigue (reaching a maximum individual). Sometimes on individual muscle group perform a few exercises.

Low-intensity serial study of all muscle groups makes it a substantial load on the heart and joints to achieve the effect of loss of energy by the body.

Because of the specificity of shaping the approach to food, unlike aerobic training where the body's fat stores is mainly consumed in the process of training, in shaping their mobilization to the greatest degree encompasses the restoration period.


Aerobics was established American doctor Kenneth Cooper, and was intended to deal with such factors for cardiovascular diseases, such as lack of exercise, nervous stress, overweight, etc. With the help of exercises performed in an aerobic mode and power supply with a low content of animal fat in the human body actively destroyed by excess cholesterol - the main enemy vessels. Physical activity eliminates physical inactivity, and emotionality during training improves the mood.

Regular, relatively slow running in front heals the heart at any age and has successfully assisted weight loss. For a long time aerobic training and understand - jogging. Then an American actress Jane Fonda came up with a dance aerobics. His emotion she had a lot of taste and of a dull race gradually forgotten.

Over time, the arsenal of aerobic training also included numerous simulators that mimic the different types of aerobic exercise - cycling, jogging, walking, skating and skiing. Later, there were "riders" - a very special trainers.

In addition to training cardiovascular, aerobics stimulate the secretion of enzymes that burn through the fat, accelerates the growth of microscopic intracellular structures - mitochondria, which serve as a kind of furnaces for burning fat.


Fitness training system also has American roots, and includes a system of "construction" of the body (ie, body-building), aerobic training and nutrition. As for the "power component" fitness training, then in the early 70's it became clear that bodybuilding (bodybuilding) copes with the task of building a muscular body faster and more efficiently than any whatever system of physical exercises, which existed before him.

Means to achieve a beautiful, moderately muscular body exercises are performed with free weights (including simulators), and relatively high-protein diet.

Well, no aerobics, more accurately, aerobic exercise, with excess fat often do not cope. In addition, aerobic training is necessary to focus the heart.

A balanced diet - one of the main conditions for success. Training plan itself is only half the story. Compliance with the principles of balanced nutrition, allows you to control the receipt of all necessary nutrients the body in sufficient amounts so as not to cause any adverse events, as well as not to expose the body at risk of disease. Not adhering to the principles of balanced nutrition is impossible to increase lean body mass decreases body fat and solve the problem of reducing or increasing body weight.

All this suggests the following conclusions:

1. Shaping is to raise the physical attractiveness of women and to a lesser extent to improve the functionality of its body.

2. Aerobic exercise and physical inactivity eliminates some influence on the formation of beautiful body, and emotions during training enhances mood by eliminating the negative effects of stress.

3. Fitness training is designed to achieve a balanced state: the optimal development of physical strength and cardiovascular capacity of the organism, flexibility, control of body weight, body shaping, positive mood.

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