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About a Flat Stomach Without Fools!

Once again, plenty sobbed and aesthetically suffered after another staring at myself in the mirror, I set out to - by all means make a beautiful figure. Beautiful figure meant to me primarily a flat stomach and thin waist. On the thighs and buttocks of special deposits were not, but this belly, the hips! They drove me crazy.

The funny thing is that everyone around me felt thin, as I successfully wore short skirts, though, putting the top coat, buttoned. I myself did not know what all the same in me was more - thinness or completeness. I was like, thick and thin together. Thin Handle with legs and rotund tummy look nice if they belong to the baby, but not young (when I was 20) and beautiful (I hope) my mother that same infant. Since that day, I spent almost a year of tossing of a miraculous technique, which promised a week or even overnight, to transform my body to another, equally radical and fantastic. My efforts started to bring long-awaited result only when I began, finally, use common sense based on knowledge of human physiology, biochemistry and nutrition.

Representatives of the beauty industry for the most part can not stand the concept of common sense and anecdotal evidence, when it comes to human physiology. For example, the experience of hundreds of thousands of people (including me) have passed through all sorts of diets, it is known that losing weight does not mean to get into shape and reduce the amount of fat, but, nevertheless, with enviable regularity, at least once a month, my eye catches a recommendation as a few days to lose a couple pounds. Or, that year we nutritionists assert that the "calorie is a calorie, no matter whence they come," when any person with no scientific knowledge can with your eyes closed to "feel the difference" between calories and calories from cabbage of ice cream.

In this article, I refer primarily to the human sense. For obvious reasons, some may not like this approach, but in the end, I do not write for them. I am writing to you, those who need the information, which is borne out in practice. If you follow my recommendations, you will gain not only a strong body and a flat stomach, but also more energy, strength, endurance, improves your digestion, lowered cholesterol levels, to become stronger immune system. You'll be less prone to stress, at the same time will increase confidence. The quality of life, and maybe you'll live longer.

So, in order to remove fat from your waist and make a flat stomach, you need: special abdominal exercises, thought-out program for muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise to increase energy expenditure. In addition, we need nutrition program, designed to decrease the level of body fat, but this I will speak particularly.

You can often see a picture like on TV claim that any one trainer or some kind of exercise one can make the stomach flat. In fact, it's not quite true. This is called a local address, which means the removal of fat from one part, in our case, from the abdomen, while the whole body will remain unchanged. I'm not saying that local elimination is impossible. To some extent this is possible (usually up to a rather small extent), but by and large it does not work. If you start to download the press every day, no doubt, waist size is reduced by strengthening the muscles, but it will not make any comparison with the result, what could be achieved by lowering the overall level of fat in the body through a combination of bodybuilding, aerobic exercise and nutrition .

If you look in the Guinness Book of Records, it is possible to find the record set by a certain Alan Jones. There is an exercise for the press - legs locked, hands behind your head, you need to raise and lower case. Alan Jones has done this exercise 27 000 times without stopping. You would think that anyone who could "shake the press," 27 000 times without a break, certainly not the stomach, but simply "washboard" without the slightest hint of fat. But in fact, in Mr. Jones' muscles are not visible at all, especially the press. Why? Because everything is covered with a layer of fat. This simple example shows that no one, even the most effective exercise for the press itself, by itself, is not able to remove fat. And if Alan Jones on his record that did not work, do you think that a few minutes a day is enough? The only effective way to do this - to reduce the overall level of body fat. This means the press to train for the formation of the abdominal muscles, strengthen muscles strength training to speed up metabolism (metabolism), add aerobic exercise to increase calorie consumption and calorie diet to adhere to a rational, low-fat.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been a fat dancer? I doubt it. And have you ever seen any participating fitness competition - hard, smooth, beautiful, muscled and fantastically developed abdominal muscles? All this is the result of training and a calculated power (not necessarily low-calorie). You might be thinking: "What is common between training the muscles and my stomach? I do not want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ok, most women do not want to, at least, I have never seen such. But the main factor for a beautiful, toned body - muscle. Why? Because the muscles are biologically active, for their food requires energy. The denser muscles, more of them, the higher your metabolic rate, therefore, you expend more calories even while sleeping or resting.

In some cases, strength training is even more necessary for women than for men because women lose about a genetic muscle. In women, higher levels of body fat (an average of 25% in men by about 15%), and because of the high levels of estrogen (the main female hormone) and low levels of testosterone (male hormone), the formation of muscle mass for women is very long and complex process . And even if all your time you devote to bodybuilding, you still can not build muscle like a professional bodybuilder (unless you do not boil a young bull testosterone). The reason why many obese people can not remove excess fat, it's weak, porous and muscle, as a consequence, very slow metabolism, making fat consumption impossible.

For most women, and all the obese people weight training is not just a matter of choice. This is an absolute necessity to remove fatty deposits. As long as they do not speed up the metabolism increases muscle mass, they can never get rid of fat, even if you regularly engage in aerobic exercise and eat right. Of course, some fat is ok, but you can get results much better and faster, if at least once a week to do in the gym. Believe it or not, but that strength training, no diet and aerobics, the most effective factor for a strong body.

Another important point: you have to eat enough calories to speed up the metabolism. Many women try to lose weight by following the semi-starvation diet. Such diets promote the loss of muscle mass, which slows the metabolism even more. When slowing down the metabolism reaches a certain point, your body simply can not consume fat, no matter how few calories it receives. For us, this diet, but to our organism - a colossal lack of energy, hunger, and a direct threat to life. And instead of spending the fat begins to accumulate it, to make stock for a "rainy day". But this is only part of the problem. When you return to normal diet (just because it is impossible for life to diet), you gain more weight than the fold. If you lose 10 pounds, gain 12 pounds and it will be fat. Nutritionists call it Yo-Yo effect and should be avoided in every possible way.

Eating more food, you actually speed up the metabolism - a certain amount of calories going to digest, eating five or six small meals per day instead of two as well make the body expend more energy - your stomach will have to work every 2-3 hours. Always keep this in mind, following any diet - I hate the word diet, because that's what you eat should be a way of life, rather than short-term shock to reset the pounds.

Let's be frank. Women endomorph (medium height, with wide hips) will never look like supermodels. At the time, as all women can reduce the level of body fat and reduce waist size, not everyone can become a champion in bodybuilding or fitness model. For this, special physical characteristics, in one word - genetics. Remember that the model you see in magazines are always ectomorphs (tall, with naturally low levels of body fat, with narrow joints and long limbs), is incorporated genetically, and they do not have to do a lot of work. Their metabolism is very fast, many eat whatever they want, and the waist do not worry. Most fitness models - mesomorph (athletic, with a strong predisposition to the formation of muscle mass and low-fat), or ectomorphs with strong mesomorphic tendencies. Therefore, we must clearly understand that to remove fat and add some muscle you can, but do not change the structure of the skeleton.

Body type also determines the level of metabolism. And, although the endomorph must work harder all, I do not know any reason (except for certain rare diseases), why a woman weighing 80 pounds can lose 20-25 pounds of fat and reduce body fat to 25% during the year. "The Year!" - Someone will say - "I want to waist in a month!" But again, let's look at things realistically. The most optimal amount of fat, which can be reset so that the muscles do not fell, from 250 grams to half a kilogram a week maximum. If you ask only to lose weight, then, of course, you can starve a week, throw five pounds, but you only lose water and muscle ... which slows down metabolism ... consumption of fat that makes it impossible to ... that creates the effect of Jo-Jo ... that ultimately ends with a large weight gain. Remember that we are only interested in fat loss. Hypocaloric diet aimed at weight loss, because, unfortunately, most nutritionists do not matter if you lose (fat, muscle, bone, water, etc.), most importantly, the scales showed a decrease in kilograms. A quarter of a kilogram a week at first glance, not so much. But in the month it is 1 kilogram, and for the year is incident 12. Already quite significant. In addition, the gradual lowering of the weight keeps the muscle mass and helps to avoid Jo-Jo effect, the skin is pulled smoothly and does not sag.

But what if you want to look good in a week, for any event responsible? There are several tricks. First, go to the salon and make a wrap. Just keep in mind that this is a very temporary expedient. When wrapping the water out of the tissues (the effect of the sauna), and subcutaneous adipose tissue decreases in volume. The effect lasts a day or two, so that if the event is scheduled on Saturday night, do wrap on Saturday morning. Just remember that the water returns to the tissue very quickly. Second, there is a remarkable Waist underwear, it can be used to "hide" the stomach. And, if possible, avoid wearing clothing with shoulder pads, against a background of broad shoulders waist visually appear to be thinner. If you use all together, then I'm sure will be surprised how good you can look.

In order to generate hard news, not necessarily a clock hanging on the bar upside down, raise legs and infinitely do a hundred other exercises. I'm not talking about bodybuilders, for such a press, as they need time and a tremendous attention to nutrition and training. For in-depth, relief presses the fat content should be below 10%, usually high-level athletes. Many women do not want to go that far, because the less fat in the body, the more dry breasts. Also, if the level of fat less than 10% stopped menstruating.

If you have never held a press, you may not know that the leg raises and body are not the best exercise. In fact they could lead to injury, because if their performance is a heavy load on the lower back. Best (and safer) to isolate the abdominal muscles exercises such as twisting, curling back, "pulling a frog" and various versions of these exercises. As shown, the best method of training the press is a giant set - four or more exercises done one after another without stopping. After each giant set to relax for one minute. It is not only a well-worked out the muscles, but also the exercise becomes almost aerobic. At the end of a giant set, press should just burn, and all the exercises should be done correctly.

Try this giant set to press:
* Twists - 20 to 50
* "Frog pull-ups" on the bench - 20-50
* Reverse Crunch - 20-50
* Twisting Kallanetiks - 1 / 100

Remember that you can not rest between exercises, and only after you have finished curling Kallanetiks you can rest for 1 minute.

A few rules of training the abdominal muscles:
* Never use weights. Weight forms the bulk muscle, and I do not know a single person who would be glad to press the volume.
* Do not train the obliques directly, especially if you have wide hips and broad waist. Developed oblique visually make the waist wider.
* During exercise press keep in constant tension. Pay close attention to technique exercises. The result will be better if you make 20 times, but right, than 50 times in a slipshod manner.
* Train with intensity. Some trainers recommend a spare, they say that can do everything half-heartedly. It is certainly possible if you train for fun, but if you want a good result, you will need will be posted.
* If you have never trained or are just getting started training after a long break, start slowly, with one approach to the press, gradually bring to four.
* How often to train the press? At least three times per week, maximum - almost every day.

Aerobics is usually called aerobic exercise - exercise of low intensity continued for a long time. For maximum fat consumption aerobics should last at least 30 minutes to do her best every day, at least five days a week. If you are burning with enthusiasm and want to speed up the result, so you can train - 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the evening. The best results from aerobic exercise early in the morning on an empty stomach. No matter what kind of aerobic exercise you choose, the most important thing that you did it. Choose what the soul - grades shaping, aerobics, exercise bike, treadmill, or maybe you want to ride on roller skates or just jogging in the park. How hard to do? There is one simple way to determine this - the intensity at the right level, if you can with anyone hold a conversation, and if the air gasped to utter words, the load is too high. More precisely, it can be calculated as follows:

Of the 220 subtract your age, then multiply the result by 0.65 and 0.8. The resulting numbers - your range of optimal heart rate for aerobic exercise.
For example, I am 24 years.
220-24 = 196
196 * 0.65 = 127
196 * 0.8 = 156
This means that for best results, my heart rate during aerobic exercise should be somewhere between 127 and 157 beats per minute.

If you are so calculated that its figures, you will know that if your pulse does not reach the lower load is ineffective if more above, the work is to strengthen the heart and lungs, but use less fat, so the pressure must decrease slightly.

As I explained earlier, are necessary for the formation of muscle strength training. This does not mean you have to get muscular, like a champion bodybuilder, by simply adding a little muscle mass, compacted it, you'll be able to improve the look fantastic, speed up metabolism and fat burning will go much easier. Many people do not realize that improving the shape of the body is only possible with the help of muscles. If you replace five pounds of fat per 5 kilos of muscle, it will completely change your shape. Focus on how you look, look in the mirror and not on the scales. The balance does not tell you how much fat and how much you got away to gain muscle mass. Many are beginning to panic when in a few months training weight remains constant - and sometimes even increases. They forget that muscle is much heavier than fat, so weight and just stand still. All perfectly natural, and worry about it not worth it.

It is often possible to see a woman with visible fatty deposits weighing 55 kilograms, and can meet a woman weighing 64 kg, but in great shape. At the first 35% fat, 18% in the second, and it looks great, it has a flat stomach, slim waist and strong body. So do not be guided by the weights. Libra cheat.

How do I determine what weight training to your works? Very easy to wear - she will be freer. One woman told me after four months of classes: "I do not understand! Weight I have not changed, but I buy clothes two sizes too small. "And I said," This means that you simply right train. "Why leave centimeters? Because the muscles tight, and fat and big easy. Five pounds of pure muscle are much less than five pounds of pure fat. The key to the whole percentage of muscle and fat, not weight. Weight really does not matter if you're not sure of what exactly it is. Try not to drop pounds and decrease body fat.

I will not describe all weight training, just want to say in general that, as a minimum, you need to do one exercise for each muscle group, with an emphasis on the hips, glutes, abs, shoulders and chest. Train four times a week, 5-6 approaches for each muscle group. Most women do not want to stand out strongly increased arms or back, so the back and arms enough 3 approaches.

If you follow the program of these four components, the level of body fat significantly reduced, will become thinner waist, tighter abs. You will feel a more energy, feel more attractive, sexier.

Can I add something else to improve the outcome? Yes you can. There are some nutritional supplements that work very well. For example, amino acids - the building blocks for the formation of protein - to help meet the body's need for protein without adding extra calories. There is also an additive that enhance the natural production of growth hormone (somatotropin) - arginine (arginine) and ornithine (ornithine). Lipotropics such as choline, inositol and methionine help to accelerate fat burning. Chromium picolinate research to show that it helps in building muscle mass and speeds up the metabolism. ITC-oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil) supplying energy stores and muscle carbohydrate reserves can be very helpful to those on a low calorie diet. Be sure to pick up for a multivitamin complex. In my opinion, the best multivitamin in our pharmacies is the "Centrum" and "Stresstabs." Nutritional supplements will not make a miracle, but you will notice a significant difference in training and in health. Those about which I wrote, are to try them.

So, in order to make the tummy flat and waist thin, you need a complex, which includes nutrition, weight training, aerobics and special exercises for abs. All components together strengthen the effect of each several times. You do not have to live with the constant dissatisfaction with her body, you're not tied to it. It is always possible to change it, make a strong, beautiful and sexy, and all this in your will and in your hands.

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