Monday, August 1, 2011

Errors at Growing Thin - Part 1

In obesity, as it seems very clear and obvious reasons for the development of solutions. Ask any full rights, how to lose weight, and in response you hear that we should be moderate in eating, exercise, is not abundant at night, and in general, less sweet, fatty, delicious. But if everything is so well known, why are full of complete? Or is it something important we understand not, admit any mistakes? And then of course, until these errors are recognized and corrected, the deadlock will not move. Actually, anyone who tries to lose excess weight, I would advise to begin with, to find and realize their mistakes. And it will be easier if some of the most common of them I will call:

It should be thin in any case, if the weight is different from the ideal

It's not quite true. In terms of weight loss medicine shows, if there is clearly associated with being overweight condition. Most often it is hypertension, atherosclerosis and / or diabetes. Weight loss may be desirable in cases where there is every reason to fear the development of these diseases (elderly, obese, fat distribution of male type). If a person is young, healthy, has a slight excess of the weight that suits him, the doctors may not necessarily insist on weight loss.

If we are to lose weight so to lose weight. If excess weight around 20-30 pounds, then there is no sense in reducing the weight by 5-6 pounds only

It is not. From a medical point of view, very significant improvement in health can be achieved already with a decrease in body weight by 5-10% from baseline. In fact, most often it is those same 6.5 pounds.

We are talking about well-known phenomenon of many extremely high overweight. Indeed, if no action is taken to protect people from re-gaining weight, then restore the original weight is almost inevitable and occurs on average 6-12 months. But if you take, the number of successful weight maintenance is greatly increased. This is a very important issue and we will devote a separate chapter to it.

To blame genetics. If parents are obese, then weight gain is almost inevitable

Indeed, such a person at least inclined to corpulence. Earning extra pounds he is more likely than the average. But if the person will comply with the so-called regime of food, weight gain he might not be how much he would not have been inclined to corpulence. Conversely, if the power of this man, he can get better even without the fullness of any inclination.

People get fat because they eat a lot

It is not. Special research found that most overweight people eat an average of less than, or at least no more than most thin.

To blame the fact that fat people are to food as an alcoholic with alcoholic drinks. They overeat and when they are no longer needed. In fact fat people should be treated just like alcoholics and drug addicts.

Despite the popularity of such ideas, there are some inconsistencies. The food, unlike drugs or vodka, is a combination of essential factors for the metabolism. Without food the body can not live long. Refusal of food brings a totally legitimate suffering. The problem is rather different. Trying again and again to reduce its food and always falling down, full of people become afraid and fear the food itself. The so-called food neurosis. Exit? First calm down, and secondly, to recognize that the necessary restructuring of power must be approached intelligently. So, no need to appoint a diet which can not sustain one. Unless of course you are trying to lose weight, rather than prepare a scout in an African country. Third, there is a very large class of so-called products that you can have your heart's content without the risk better. Among other things, include bread, pasta and cereals, as well as lean meat, fish and dairy products.

The more unbearable diet, the more effective it is

This is a fairly common misconception. Indeed, by assigning a diet, we primarily focus on how much mental strength it takes us. And believe that bigger is better. However, it is not correct - the efficacy of diet you can say only if it can make the majority of patients. Caloric intake and satiety, this is not the same thing. There are not very high-calorie, but nutritious enough modes and, conversely, half-starved mode can be quite nutritious. Finally, the body has the ability to reduce energy consumption in response to a decrease in caloric intake. It turns out that it is often painful dietary regimes do not yield the proper result.

Lose weight hindered by a lack of willpower

It is not. Most obese people have a hunger to experience days and more. Few of the wicked boasts of the fact that the hunger strike more than a day.

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