Friday, July 8, 2011

How To Get Into My Favorite Jeans?

The perennial problem: how to lose weight? What you just did not take to get into my favorite jeans, but all to no avail.

And you already hate to try new clothes shops, because you do not go, tight blouses emphasize your fullness, you have the first signs of the disease mirror - a layer of fat on the abdomen or as the English say, «spare tire» (spare wheel) . In the evening, feeling as though you are bursting out in all directions, but nothing you can do about it. Jogging in the morning, shake the muscles at the gym, swim for two hours a day, walk at least ten miles, no - it's not for you!

Familiar feeling. How do deal with them?

I want to propose a juice therapy. This does not mean necessarily that sit all day on some juice, enough to add to your diet daily morning drinking one glass of freshly squeezed juice. Do not drink store bought ready-made juices from stores, they are a lot of sugar and preservatives that, conversely, increase your volume. Drink fresh juice in the morning, preferably 20 minutes before breakfast, and you kill two birds. First, you get rid of the toxins that have accumulated in your body, and secondly, unwittingly throw down the extra pounds.

Numerous investigations have revealed that fruit and vegetable juices start cleaning mechanisms, increase blood flow and limfoobmen, accelerate metabolism, stimulate mucus secretion, increase sweating, increase immunity and help the body fight infections.

The most effective juice for weight loss are pineapple and grapefruit. They say to keep an excellent figure, Sophia Loren, every morning drinking fresh pineapple juice, which contains bromelain, which is a natural fat burner, and also has a rejuvenating effect. It also helps cleanse the face of age spots.

But in this article I would like to focus on grapefruit and juice out of it. Grapefruit juice results in weight loss because it works in the fatty layers of the body, and is used to prevent cardiovascular and diabetes, because it reduces the level of insulin and glucose concentrations in blood plasma and removes excess cholesterol from the blood. In addition, you will be apathy, boost mood, improve sleep - if you drink grapefruit juice in the evening, you'll sleep like a baby.

In San Diego, an experiment was conducted with patients suffering from clinical obesity. The first group of subjects were invited during each meal to eat half a grapefruit, and after four months without doing anything more, on average, they lost three pounds. Another similar group was fed the same food as the first, but did not eat grapefruit with meals, and patients, on average, lost weight only 200 grams.

If you drink on an empty stomach fresh grapefruit juice or half a pineapple, which is much tastier, and before each meal to eat half a grapefruit, then you achieved weight loss over 12 weeks on average from 2 to 4 pounds, while reducing their normal diet do not need that is important.

To speed up the process of losing excess weight, you can try this diet, which helps you to log in and relieve you of unwanted body fat:

In the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of hot water and a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice for 20 minutes before breakfast, then lunch, as usual.
For lunch, eat before you eat half a grapefruit and eat boiled chicken or fish with vegetables.
In the evening again, half a grapefruit before a meal, a light salad, boiled chicken or fish with boiled vegetables.

On this diet, you can spend from one to three weeks and then just three times a day eat grapefruit. You are sure to lose weight and fit into your favorite jeans!

Enjoy your weight loss!

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