Thursday, August 25, 2011

Learning To "Eat consciously"

Similarly, our body sends signals to the fact that he was satisfied, and the moment when you need to stop eating. All people without exception have the most powerful weapon against weight gain, and this weapon - our own body. All that is required of us - is to listen carefully to the signals that he gives us.

Unfortunately, people who are overweight, have some difficulties in this regard. Why is this happening? Improper diet, eating for a long period of time leads to the fact that the human body as a loses its ability to supply some information. The brain is too full of people are not sensitive and loses its ability to recognize hunger and satiety signals, served the stomach. Therefore, these people begin to consume more and more food.

"Virus" extra pounds

To better understand how the situation with the above-mentioned signals, we invite you to the following analogy. Imagine that your brain - a computer, which pumped a lot of different programs. One of these controls the rate at which the signals from the stomach, (the signals of hunger and satiety) reach of the central section of the brain. So, in the case with people who are overweight, the soft kind of struck by a virus. The virus - neither more nor less than a chaotic food and overeating. This virus is introduced into the program, is absorbed in it and begins to slow down the speed at which signals reach the central zone of the computer (the brain). Due to the fact that the signal reaches the saturation of the destination with a delay, you eat more than necessary for your body and feel the saturation only when the signal was finally adopted by the brain.

How to clean our "computer" (the body) from viruses?

Unfortunately, the destruction of these viruses is long and quite difficult - much harder than it is with these computer programs. After all, the virus that is firmly entrenched in our brain, account for the order of several months, and in severe cases - and a few years. Therefore not expect that you will get rid of them within a week. The purification process of virus should be done slowly and gradually.

1. Learn how to have consciously and listen to your intuition. From the first weeks, you still can not learn to recognize the signals of saturation, but the hunger signals - with ease. Listen to your body! This is the best indicator of your condition. Eat only when you feel hunger for real.

2. Enjoy the meal! Never take for food already fainting from hunger, in which case you can not control their appetite. Eat slowly and in small pieces. Put your cutlery on the table after each swallowed a piece. Chew your food at least 20 times. Discover the taste of food. It is possible that one or other food, from which you were just crazy, is not so tasty you will find, as before, due to the fact that you will be able to recognize its true taste - too salty or too sweet.

3. Expect right portions! It is quite difficult, especially at first, because you lose the ability to recognize the signals of saturation. Therefore, we recommend you find out what values should be helping a person with normal weight (for the type of food that you are going to try). Then eat just that amount (or slightly less), and do so in the future, until you get used to this volume.

4. Leave 10% of food on the plate! Of course, first you will be hard to measure precisely the number, but with time you will learn how to do it "by eye". The main thing - is to realize that you should not eat everything, that in a bowl. You do not have to be ashamed of this behavior, nor does it have to feel guilty about the fact that throwing food in the trash. Is at stake your health, and 40-50 gm of food do not go to any comparison with the benefit that you will get rid of excess weight. Enjoy your weight loss!

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