Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Errors at Growing Thin - Part 2

If you combine several methods of weight loss (eg, separate power supply and method Montignac), their combined result is greater than the result of each method

It is not. Many of the methods of the prohibitions in conflict with each other. As a result, increases patient suffering, forcing him to stop treatment prematurely.

All the evil in the dinners. If we could not eat after 6 pm, would be lost with no dieting

Abandon the idea of dinner at dieters is very popular. Nevertheless, this measure usually does not bring the desired effect. Biorhythm man is built so that in the first half of the day it is easier to be energy efficient, and the second is easier to accumulate. Attempts to ban the evening meal led to an irresistible hunger and to failures. You can have dinner. The only thing you should try that would have been the evening meal.

Of starchy foods and sweet fattening

This is not the case. There are numerous studies showing that if the food is very low in fat, at least people are not better at almost any consumption of starchy foods and sweets. The output of the principal carbohydrate is central to modern nutrition. On the basis of a high-, low-fat diets, but you can build an effective and easily tolerated maintenance regimes of weight. Frankly, when I first read about it, it seemed to me that all my old ideas about the biochemistry stand on its head. It turned out the opposite, they finally got up from head to foot.

Vegetable oil is uniquely useful

It is not. Vegetable oils, which we colloquially call "Lenten" actually contain about 97-98% fat. This is a very zhirogennye products. Although it should be noted that vegetable oils, unlike animal fats, does not accelerate the development of atherosclerosis.

Margarines are useful because they contain no animal fats

It is not. We prove that the atherogenicity of margarine (the ability to induce or accelerate the development of atherosclerosis) is not lower but rather higher than that of animal fats. As for margarine, it is about the same as any other fat, plant or animal.

Doctor's sausage is so called because it is low fat and promotes weight loss

It is not. Doctor's sausage contains 30% animal fat and plenty of salt. There is desirable it is not only overweight, but also in atherosclerosis, hypertension and certain kidney diseases. This also applies to other pork sausages, as well as sausages and wieners.

Weight loss requires long-term failure of the mass of very tasty things

It is not. There are enough methods of effective weight loss, in which there is no ban on any food or even for one day.

There is a secret medicine which can lead to weight loss with no diet

It is not. There is no cure, can lead to weight loss, while if the patient does not comply with diet.

You can do without the diet, if we use a special massage, acupuncture, psychotherapy or

Unambiguously proved that the confident and predicted weight loss in obese patients can be called only by a specially selected diets. All other methods of treatment, at best, or enhance the effectiveness of the diet, or improve its portability.

Physical activity clearly promotes weight loss. If you do the exercises, you can lose weight without any diet

It is not. Physical activity, which can perform most of the people, lead to weight loss only if the patient is simultaneously on a diet. There are scientific studies showing that improperly selected loads lead to weight gain rather than to its decline.

If I know three friends who helped this method of weight loss, it definitely helps and I

It is not. Weight-loss program as part of a diet and exercise, and in other sections of their needs in a strict individual selection and dosing.

Weight loss is not compatible with eating to satiety

It is not. Choosing the right diet keeps a person a feeling of satisfaction nutrition.

Moderate eating enough to not get better

It is not. It was established in special studies, weight gain can be observed at a moderate diet, if the proportion of fat in it than 50% of total calories. In general, if you've noticed an increase in fat content of food does not add him to satiety. It seems that eating in moderation, even golodnovato, and weight increase.

The use of diuretics and laxatives accelerate the process of losing weight

It is not. These funds only stimulate the excretion of water and in no way contribute to more intense waste of fat. It is important to remember that the use of diuretics and laxatives without proper justification is very harmful for the body.

In conclusion, I repeat that success in weight loss necessarily occurs if a person understands the situation, set realistic goals, makes an adequate effort, changing as needed their diet and lifestyle, and if all this it is quite consistent.

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