Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Turpentine Baths for Weight Loss and Rejuvenation

It is about turpentine bath, effectively revealing the capillaries and improves blood flow. Capillaries permeate our body, and if they are no longer actively working, start failure in metabolic processes. Turpentine baths strengthen and literally "shake up" the body, purify it of toxins and rejuvenate. The combined effects of turpentine increases defenses, promotes weight loss, body fat and significantly rejuvenate the skin.

Figuratively speaking, the turpentine can be called "living water." In fact, this essential oil extracted from pine resin. To apply for medicinal purposes, it is purified and is a clear, colorless liquid with characteristic odor and burning taste.

Turpentine bath

Turpentine baths come in three varieties: white, yellow and mixed.

White turpentine bath

White bath stimulates the skin capillaries and all organs, tones the body. It does not cause any delay of thermal energy. During the reception, white bath felt tingling and burning of the skin. Deeper breathing, increased oxygen flow to the lungs, activated by oxidation and combustion of metabolites and impurities, increases arterial blood pressure. So, we get rid of excess weight.

Yellow turpentine bath

Yellow bath lowers blood pressure, resolves growths on the joints, dissolves deposits of calcium salts, washes away the remnants of dead cells creates favorable conditions for the revitalization and restoration of the surviving nerve cells. Yellow emulsion bath covers the entire surface of hot water. This dense layer significantly reduces energy loss from the body. At this time, it accumulates in the water and promotes the accelerated burning of turns in the body. Bath with yellow turpentine solution stimulate active sweat: during her admission and subsequent 2:00 rest are up to 4 liters of sweat. With him out excess liquid, which has many who suffer from obesity.

Mixed turpentine bath

Mixed turpentine baths - the result of combining the two solutions. Mixing white and yellow liquids leads to someone that their positive properties increase twofold. In the desire to lose weight, lose weight would be the best assistant is mixed turpentine bath. In order to avoid mistakes and to prepare the body to begin with minimal doses of turpentine. Before beginning the procedure is advisable to consult with a physician.

Preparation of turpentine baths

The process of preparing turpentine bath looks like a mixture is poured into a small container of warm water, mixed and poured into the bath. Again thoroughly mixed. An important caveat, the temperature of the water should be slightly below body temperature - about 36 degrees. If the bath is taken for the first time, more than 5 minutes to be in it is not desirable. Once the body becomes accustomed to the effects of turpentine, the procedure can be reduced to 15 minutes. To skin in sensitive areas is not affected, it is recommended to lubricate copiously cream.

Turpentine on hope, but she did not make a mistake

Not worth's hope that the visible effect in the fight against obesity will be immediately after the first turpentine baths. The course is designed for 15-18 baths. They can receive either daily or every other day.

After the bath, rinse with categorically not a turpentine water. Doctors recommend that wrap in a towel, cover with a blanket and relax for about an hour. At this time, still under the impact of turpentine baths on the body.

Please note that the correct application of turpentine baths never have any harmful side effects. In order not to hurt yourself, you must follow the instructions.

Warning: contraindications

However, with turpentine baths to combat obesity, not all are recommended. The list of contraindications rather impressive. This idiosyncrasy of turpentine, cardiac arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, sudden rise in blood pressure, recent myocardial infarction or stroke, chronic diseases and their exacerbation, skin disease, obstruction and inflammation of the veins, pregnancy and lactation, the state of alcoholic intoxication.

And this advice: turpentine baths in order to fight obesity initially best done under the supervision of medical staff. And if the body's response will be adequate to continue treatment at home.

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