Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Bad Habits That Spoil the Shape

Habit number 1

The refusal of a full meal - it's a bad habit, which affects nearly 80 percent of girls. Some justify this lack of time, others - diet, struggle with being overweight. However, the lunch did not hurt the figure. On the contrary, good mix of products in the first and second courses will give you a feeling of satiety and energy for continuing work day.

Habit number 2

Snack calorie chocolate bars and biscuits - a consequence of ignoring the afternoon. Over a cup of tea or coffee quietly absorbed a huge amount of calories that could pull a few lunches and add a lot of extra weight. Only here you feel full of sweetness and gives a brief baking. It may be sufficient, the maximum for a couple of hours, and then again as usual arm extends in a box or bag tables, which is laid by the enemy slender waist.

Habit number 3

Snack for the company - one of the enemies of your body in good shape. I went to a colleague with a question, and she offered a delicious piece of candy or a piece of cake? We must come to feed from her husband's work and eat with him at the company? Sound familiar, right? And then you wonder why it is so rapidly increasing obesity. So throw a bite for the company. Weight after you have typed rather than divided equally to all whom you make up society.

Habit № 4

Galling stress - a scourge of many girls. Clearly, when the nerves to the limit, plagued by some doubts in the shower or going on something unpleasant, I want to eat. But in the end - the excess weight! If you can not get rid of this habit, try to chew something low-calorie, but useful. For example, an apple. This will definitely help. Check.

Habit number 5

Snack while sitting at a computer, television or while reading a book sure to backfire weight gain. You unconsciously you eat much more than the usual time when the food is not a secondary effect. Remember how many extra pounds you usually have amassed a long New Year holidays. If we can not indulge in the bad habit to chew on something in front of the TV, sitting at the computer or reading a book, give preference to fruit.

Habit № 6

Eat more than the - this is typical for those who are fed during the day somehow, and in the evening all the offsets. To avoid this, take up the habit - for 10-15 minutes before a meal drink a glass of water. It curbs your appetite and help you lose weight.

Habit № 7

On the night should definitely look into the fridge and eat that. Sound familiar? This habit is also caused by malnutrition during the day. Get rid of it should be gradual. To begin replacing products that you cook yourself to sleep with something easy - for example, a glass of nonfat yogurt or skim milk.

Habit number 8

Admit it, how often do you have time to eat breakfast at home? Most likely, you do it very often. But in order to recharge your body with energy for the home kitchen, not on the run or in the office of high-calorie snacks, should not take much time. There is a wonderful way: falling asleep in one-third cup of oatmeal flakes with milk and put it on for 5 minutes in the microwave. During this time you have time to tidy himself up, and then try the delicious and reminiscent of an air cream porridge. Calories in it at least as good for a productive day - a lot. And excess weight does not rack up.

Habit № 9

After the meal, you immediately start to do business? Believe me, if you walk for 10-15 minutes, preferably in the fresh air, your work will not suffer from. On the contrary, cheerfulness, you can do much more than usual. And soon lose excess weight.

Habit № 10

When did you last arranged fasting day? And when the promised this? Likely to get different dates. This is a bad habit - plan to arrange your body's independence day on high-calorie food, and then find the cause and move it to a later date. But the day of discharge there is an objective good - a little drop excess weight, become clearer thinking, improves the complexion and may want to do it more often. If that happens, one habit you will be less.

Now that you know the enemies of the figure's face, we want you to fight against harmful to her habits. A little more willpower, and everything you need to succeed!

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