Monday, August 8, 2011

7 Ways to Cheat Hunger

Low-fat yogurt

This is a very useful and affordable product is indispensable in the fight against excess weight. Abused them can not be eaten or drunk all would only benefit. Low-fat yogurt perfectly quenches hunger and gives energy.

Count the other benefits of regular use of low-fat yogurt: it improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and the microflora in the body, refreshes the complexion, normalizes appetite, quenches thirst and does not add extra calories. All this helps to fight obesity.

The current diversity of non-fat yogurt can choose it for everyone. Desirable, of course, drinking as well as very convenient to carry a bottle in a bag and as soon as the feeling of hunger will remind myself of treachery, immediately make a retaliatory move.

Dried fruits

A handful of prunes can recharge your body with vigor, to satisfy hunger and improve brain function. They should not abuse, or the number of calories exceeds the permissible daily intake. Then the struggle with being overweight will not work.

Prunes can be replaced with dried apricots. Taste different, but the positive effect is the same.

Dried fruit does not occupy much space in your bag and always will be on hand if you want a snack.


Walnuts or almonds are also able to overcome hunger and to help in the fight against excess weight. But it is important not to overdo it. Use no more than 10-15 nuts per day will not let you loose from hunger and give you energy.

It is important to eat them raw, roasted nuts since losing their beneficial properties and will not bring the expected benefit of the body.

Vegetable Soup

This way to cheat hunger for those who have regular opportunities to go and see the kitchen. A simple vegetable soup with a little olive oil will give a confident feeling of satiety. You can experiment with any vegetables, most importantly, do not be tempted to slice the meat while cooking.

Vegetable soup willing to part with the extra weight can be eaten without restriction. But most of all, often do not have to, because, even for non-nutritive, it fills the stomach and hunger recedes, at least for a couple of hours.


An important point: muesli to suppress feelings of hunger must be homemade. Only in this way they will benefit in the fight against excess weight. Make it easy muesli: oats, fresh apple slices, a droplet of honey, dried fruit and candied peel. And all of this flood, or carbonated water or skim milk, yogurt or kefir.

A feeling of fullness comes almost instantly. But this is not the only benefits of homemade granola. They also have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the organism as a whole - improve the bowels.

To deceive the hunger for a long time, it is recommended to drink after eating muesli unsweetened green tea and still water. This will facilitate greater swelling of the flakes in the stomach.


The most common apples may be an effective way to fight hunger. Tasty, healthy and low-calorie, they also enrich the organism with useful vitamins and trace elements, and to help combat obesity.

A couple of apples in the bag to help keep yourself from the temptation of a bite of chocolate bars or fast food. And if this amount is insufficient, you can choose a bag bigger to fit at least a kilo of apples.


Normal or mineral and aerated water would be an effective tool in the fight against hunger and obesity. One has only to receive the thought - "And now would be nice to have a snack," as it should be immediately must fill in a few gulps of water. And so each time, until the stomach is filled with fluid. And then the hunger will pass.

Pretty simple and affordable ways to trick the feeling of hunger, right? And the benefit from them will be visible on your figure, which is noticeably. In order to avoid a feeling of addiction, please continue to alternate products. Prove yourself that you are stronger than feelings of hunger!

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