Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shock Diet! How to Lose Weight Without Too Much Fuss After the Holiday?

Festival - a big problem for all people: a lot, and eat uncontrollably, little dance, it is easy to recruit those extra pounds. No wonder that after the feast of the most ardent desire is one thing to lose weight! And to lose weight quickly, easily and without fuss.

Of course, you can lose weight and get rid of a couple of days. If you live these days on water alone. And then little by little to fast, how to make it prudent Christians during Lent.

However, there is a suspicion that the some people like good looks are not by nature. And he is likely to agree to a shock diet, which offers the Western Diet: lose 3 pounds a week, do not torture yourself any restrictions.

At the same time! You must do the only condition: go on a diet immediately after the holiday. Since, the more time you miss, the harder it will get rid of the excesses that are dense fat have time to settle in the most inappropriate places your body slim.

In addition, we must note that this diet is not suitable for men or teenagers: they must consume more calories. A diet designed for adult women. And healthy women. And if you have any problems with the endocrine system, kidneys or stomach - forget about all sorts of diets for intensive weight loss. However, as the excesses of the festive feast.

Shock Diet is different for its exceptional literacy. Balanced combining fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, it just narrows your waist, without harming the body.

The gist of it: to limit daily calories to 1000-1200 calories. Dividing them into five meals. During the week.

So, every day, eat:

 100 g of plant and animal protein (fish, eggs, dairy products, cereals, beans, pasta, bread, nuts). In such diets proteins - are essential. Because they protect against muscle weakness and fatigue.

 Carbohydrates and sugars you provide 100 g of bread (bread can be distributed to 20 grams per meal), 100 g of rice or potatoes, or pasta. Carbohydrates and sugars are also needed - they are the main suppliers of energy. But! White sugar should be permanently excluded from the daily menu. Modern gerontology argues that it is harmful to the body, especially for vessels.

 Contrary to popular belief about the dangers of fat, fat body needs. They help the brain, has a positive effect on skin and hair. In our diet is useful to use vegetable oil - 3-5 tablespoons a day, to porridges or salads.

 Vitamins, minerals and trace elements the body gets from fruits and vegetables. On the day you should eat three types of product. Moreover, raw fruits and vegetables we eat between meals, cooked and prepare for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Salt them is not necessary.

For the lazy can offer a ready-made menus for every day. It may look like this:

Monday. For breakfast, drink the juice of two oranges, boil 3 tablespoons of muesli. At lunch, go low-fat yogurt. For lunch, bake 180 g of fish from 150 grams of green beans and add fresh bread. At lunch eats an apple. At dinner, boil 80 grams of pasta with tomato sauce and egg, hard-boiled.

Tuesday. For breakfast, drink cranberry juice or cranberry with unleavened bread. At lunch, eat a pear. At a dinner salad dispense two tomatoes, 100 grams of cabbage, a spoon of peas and greens. Season it with vegetable oil and add a slice of bread spread with curd cheese. Lunch will be from the yogurt. For dinner - 80 g of spaghetti with fresh vegetables.

Wednesday. For breakfast, yogurt indulged with a piece of black bread. At lunch - a couple of kiwis. For lunch, eat 200 grams of baked sea fish with boiled vegetables. In mid-morning snack drink milk smoothie (for example, half a cup of milk, whipped with a pear). At dinner, boil 70 grams of rice with 100 grams of green vegetables.

Thursday. For breakfast, brewed herbal tea (the best of the diuretic herbs) with toast and an apple. At the second breakfast - yogurt. For lunch, boil 100 grams of shrimp or other seafood, side dishes which are well suited to the 200 g of boiled carrots and green beans. In mid-morning snack eat an apple. At dinner, boil 50 grams of pasta-shells, seasoning green vegetables and grated cheese, 40 grams.

Friday. For breakfast, eat a glass of skim milk and three tablespoons of buckwheat, steamed in the evening. At lunch, eat a pear. Lunch will consist of 150 grams of green salad with egg, hard-boiled, slice of bread, half an apple and nuts 5. In mid-morning snack - yogurt. At dinner, boil squid, 50 grams of rice, add 150 g of grated raw carrot, and 40 grams of cottage cheese.

Saturday. For breakfast, prepare mashed carrots and a glass of whey with a couple of biscuits. At lunch - soybean milk and fruit cocktail. For lunch, bake 150g chicken breast and add tomato salad. At lunch we will eat low-fat yogurt. At dinner, boil 50 grams of rice with mushrooms (g 50).

Sunday. For breakfast, eat an orange and zapem herbal tea with two biscuits. Lunch - low-fat cottage cheese. For lunch, vegetable soup boil. In mid-morning snack of carrots and drink lemon juice. Dinner will be 60 grams of cooked rice, fried egg, 100 g of kale or spinach with a slice of bran bread.

So looks exactly shock diet. Interesting in that it provides an opportunity not just to lose weight, but also lay the foundation for competent, cultural food. And these foundations - are invaluable. They help not only to drop the excess weight after the holidays, but, above all, do not type it. Do not, under any circumstances. Even in the most-holiday feast.

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