Sunday, August 21, 2011

Salt Baths Against Obesity

The effectiveness of salt baths in the fight against obesity

Specialty stores offer a wide range of salt bath. However, the palm, no matter what brand and advertising campaign, still belongs to the sea salt. It is rich in sodium chloride and the whole complex of mineral elements. For example, magnesium, which helps to regenerate skin and improves cellular metabolism, bromine, avoid the diseases of the skin, iodine, which copes with cholesterol, and potassium, cleansing the body of toxins.

The regular use of salt baths can make your skin more youthful, healthy and fit. You may find yourself feeling that you feel a surge of strength and energy. And it's not deceptive. The fact that the components of the salt bath affects the nerves, which speed up the metabolism, and it is very useful in the fight against excess weight.

To achieve the desired effect, you should regularly take salt baths. Ideally do it 2-3 times a week or every other day. But the abuse against salt baths, fighting obesity, it is undesirable. Enough to undergo a course of 15 sessions, and then take a break in 1-2 months.

Beauticians are advised to be in a bath of saline solution is not more than 20 minutes, or malaise may begin as components of sea salt will begin to actively influence the metabolic processes in the body.

How to take a bath salt against obesity

Before you take a salt bath to clean the skin body scrub and shower. Completely immersed in water is not recommended because it may cause heart problems, and pressure. The chest should be over water.

The minimum amount of salt that must be dissolved in water to obtain the effect, the dumping of excess weight - 100 grams, the maximum -1 kg. But it is better to follow the "golden mean" and dissolve in water, 500 grams of sea salt. Thus, your body from drying out. It's no secret that along with positive effects on the body, salt baths dried skin. And if you do not use after the completion of a moisturizing cream or lotion can make the discomfort.

The optimal water temperature for preparation of the salt bath against excess weight - not more than 37 degrees. More hot - relaxing and cool - tones.

In SPA-salons have a good tradition to offer to clients during the procedure green tea. This is not just a sign of good taste, but also an element of cleansing the body. Once in the body while taking a salt bath, the liquid begins to exit through the pores, thus the removal of residues of toxins, and it will help in the fight against excess weight.

To be an effective influence on the excess weight is not worth the salt bath after taking a shower and wash off the salt. Correct it will wrap in a warm blanket and lie down for half an hour to rest the body after exercise. In fact, during the bath activated metabolic processes.

Enhance the effect of the salt bath and contribute to the process of weight loss can essential oils. Add a little oil into the water and enjoy the aroma. It is true that because of oil on the surface of the bath will be film, but the beauty needs of victims and this circumstance will be in time to accept.

Salt ... allowed

It is not always at hand is sea salt. In this case, can be dissolved in water, ordinary table salt, which is in abundance in every kitchen. In comparison with the sea, it is poorer micronutrient, but its role in heating the body will perform well.


Despite its apparent simplicity, salt baths against obesity are contraindications. Do not try to lose weight with them, if you are suffering from gynecological diseases, varicose veins or waiting for the baby. And caution is to take salt baths for those who do not often caught myself thinking about the problems with the cardiovascular system.

If these contraindications are not relevant to you, sustain a mini SPA-procedure with the salt bath. Most likely, the effect it gives, like it. And do not forget about physical activity, after each bath salt you can lose 500 grams of extra weight. These are attractive prospects for harmony.

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  1. Great. But remember not to remain in the bath tub for more than 20 mins. It's not good for your skin :-)