Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As Kefir and Kombucha Helps Lose Weight

For fat burning and weight loss can arrange fasting days, drinking tea and yogurt, "the authors" that are unsightly, at first glance, mushrooms. We will talk about the properties of kefir and tea fungus, and contraindications, which, unfortunately, there is.


In Russia it is called tea fungus, but it is also known as sea, Manchurian, Indian and Japanese. However, regardless of denomination, mushroom everywhere one and cook it as one of technology.

To grow into a useful anti-obesity Kombucha, it is necessary to insist on brewing a tea with sugar. Since the fungus is growing, it is necessary to monitor its size. Otherwise, he will work closely in the old tank.

The drink, which is formed due to the tea fungus, keep organic acids and vitamins. To taste it reminds brew. Therefore, during weight loss drink it would be nice. You can experiment with a choice of tea. And instead of the traditional black or green to select grass, changing them every week. This will add variety to the process of struggle against excess weight and make it more tasty and enjoyable.

To improved metabolism and excess weight started to leave, you should drink at least 6 glasses of tea fungus beverage per day. Regimen - one hour before meals, the second - an hour after the meal. During the reception, drink Kombucha for losing excess weight is necessary to abandon high-calorie food and to review its food in favor of lighter products. In tandem with this lightweight Kombucha diet will lead to faster cherished goal - postroynevshey waist.

Course of taking a drink of tea fungus should not last more than three months. Necessary to arrange a break of four weeks, and then resume eating.

In addition to getting rid of excess weight include a drink Kombucha in your daily diet can bring added value. Noticeably improve facial skin, and if there is pimples or acne, they completely disappear.

But to feel the positive effects of infusion of tea fungus can only ones who do not suffer from diabetes and high acidity. But those whose acidity is reduced - Kombucha, however, recommended. He is able to balance its levels in the body.

Kefir Mushroom

The fact that dairy products - the first assistant in the fight against excess weight, they know everything. But the fact that you can not buy diet yogurt and kefir, and do them yourself, know a little fewer people. Why not fill in this gap in knowledge in practice and start preparing kefir with kefir itself of fungus, also known as Tibet? Know that this organism for the day can turn a glass of milk into a useful, tasty and nutritious drink.

Kefir own production has a high content of live bifidobacteria, which improve the digestive system, promote rapid clearance of the body and rid it of toxins stale. All this helps to get rid of excess weight.

To the effect of regular consumption of the drink kefir fungus was evident, it is necessary to drink 30 minutes before sleep, as well as in the morning on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before breakfast. It is advisable to give up fatty, sugary and any calories. And that in itself is important in the fight against excess weight. It is recommended to arrange a weekly discharge day, discard any food except yogurt.

Those who have experienced the positive effects of kefir fungus, adhere to the following scheme of his reception: the daily use for 20 days followed by a 10-day break and so on until the scales would not show the desired result. But if the problem is to lose weight is not urgent, you can each day, at bedtime, drink a glass of buttermilk, prepared by a Tibetan mushroom, and weight imperceptibly, but will be back to normal.

However, there is a category of people who will not be able to enjoy myself efficient use of kefir fungi. If there is an idiosyncrasy of dairy products, not worth risking your health.

Where can I find Kefir and Kombucha

Fans and tea kefir fungi can be found at specialized sites and forums. As a rule, their owners are eager to share them with everyone. Indeed, over time, grow mushrooms, and they need more liquid, and thus more capacity.

Try it and you find yourself useful helpers that every day will work hard for you to create palatable and useful tea and drink Kefir.

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