Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Weight Does Not Go Away?

Which only tricks we are not going to lose those extra pounds! Newfangled diets compound salon care, even pills mixture. A weight is at best standing still, and at worst - hard back, like a nightmare. And all because often in pursuit of a result we forget to find out why. Booked - hence forearmed, so we list those which do not mention the beauty industry.

1. Hormonal imbalance.
- The hair on your head lose volume, but on the face and body, by contrast, are growing strongly;
- Obesity is formed on the male type, ie figure is rounded in the belly;
- Prone to acne;
- Irregular menstrual cycle.

These symptoms may indicate that your ovaries produce

too much of the male hormone testosterone. The weight increases as it quietly, but if time does not score a concern, then start the serious health problems.

Output: a visit to a gynecologist, endocrinologist, who will take a blood test and hold a pelvic ultrasound. In many cases a special diet, vitamins and physical therapy procedures restore the normal structure of the ovaries. And in some cases, can not do without medication. If you combine them with a complex exercise, it is possible to "lose" not just overweight, but also the accumulated charge of unspent energy. And it's good for the figure, and for the psyche, agree.

2. Hypothyroidism.

- Brittle hair and nails;
- Excessive skin dryness;
- The constant chill;
- Extra 3-5 kg in the abdomen and buttocks, from which it is almost impossible to get rid of.

This suggests that you may be disturbed thyroid function (hypothyroidism). Insufficient activity of thyroid gland reduces the efficiency of metabolism in the body: in the tissues accumulate excess fat and water that one diet "kick" is impossible, but you feel too overwhelmed to take regular exercise.

Yield: Again, a visit to the endocrinologist. It is especially necessary if you are already over 30, you live in a big city, suffer from autoimmune diseases (diabetes, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome) or simply too much cold. As soon as the work of thyroid will be adjusted, and you return to a healthy lifestyle, will return and your "ideal" weight.

3. Edema.

- "Floated" the contours of the figure, pastoznost;
- Shortness of breath;
- Violation of urination.

First of all, is the result of an overabundance of water in body tissues. But the reasons may be different. If you are "swollen" from any of an oral liquid - most likely compromised renal function. Shortness of breath talking about violations of the heart. A sudden increase in waist circumference can indicate that you have a sick liver.

There is another reason pastoznost, which must take into account all hardware lover of rapid weight loss techniques. If you're too carried away with a lymph drainage procedures, then one fine day will come lymphostasis compensatory, ie, disruption of the lymph. Thus, you do not decide, and exacerbate the problem of metabolism.

Yield: just know "weaknesses" of the organism and if possible not engage in self. If you "chase" fluid from the body fanatically and only from time to time, you only hurt yourself. Your task: to restore the balance of all organs and systems, well and try not to load the "weak links".

4. Bad habits.

- Long-term administration of drugs and substances that affect mood (drugs, alcohol, antidepressants, pills to lose weight ");
- Rapid weight gain during the year;
- Disruption of the nervous system (from irritability - to apathy, etc.).

Do not want to talk platitudes, but nothing on earth does not pass without a trace. Weight gain - one of the side effects of the "anesthesia for the psyche, which we, for various reasons, can get carried away. Mechanisms of this process is both complex and simple. The bottom line is that your metabolism is constantly fueled by doping, accustomed to their presence, and formed a dependency. No doping - the body is looking for other compensation. And now you have lose control of themselves in hopes of a push from outside to pull myself together. But this is - the next trap.

Yield: sort things out honestly to yourself. Answer the questions why and what happens to you. Nobody, except yourself, will not. And try to abstract from all sources of negative emotions. Because excess weight (if you're certainly not "turned" on weight loss) - this is not the source of this investigation.

5. Fanaticism.

- Regular and preoccupied counting calories in order to not exceed 1000-1200;
- Violation of appetite;
- Haggard appearance, not very good mood, irritability.

Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, the question of how she manages to maintain excellent shape, said once: "Here I sit, not zhravshi!". Respecting this recognition, let's still not going to take him for a guide to action. Each of us has its own constitution of body, planted by nature. If we do not respect this fact and give the body with food is what he needs, then quickly recall the proverb: "A lean cow - this is not a gazelle."

According to statistics, in the world, there is only 5% of women who have the original constitution of the figure can meet today's standards of slimness. All the others can not bring myself to this standard without compromising health. In addition, consider: 98% of people who lost weight on a diet soon gain it back, and 90% of them within three years weigh more than before trying to lose weight.

Therefore, care should be not about kilograms and imposed criteria, and their own health and wellbeing. Consistently, every day and tomorrow. Without fanaticism, but with common sense and attention to themselves, loved ones. This account, which we need most.

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  1. Hi, I thought I would share with you my unforgettable experience. I am 23 and had low thyroid when I was 17. I tried dieting and exercise..but it didn't seem to help much. I had to take porcine thyroid and its working fine.