Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Fight Against Excess Weight?

So, why do we overweight? How to overcome it once and for all, no longer remembering the horrible word "diet", ceased to reproach himself for the food "very little" cake with a nice little berries in whipped cream? How to break this endless running in a circle? I've long been trying to understand it! Let us try together?

Conscious about the whole period of my life, I am an unequal battle with overweight. In the process of growing up the thought of losing weight more often occurred to me, increasingly nagged mercilessly conscience for his healthy appetite. And I'm happy to share my successful and not so self-torture methods.

Method One: the miracle pills.

No matter how touted these miracle drugs, should think twice before you decide to start taking them. First, the miracles happen very rarely. Even if all that is written on the box, though (a lot of fakes!) And the body will lose weight without dieting and health damage, think about how this happens. Several mechanisms: a laxative / diuretic, psychotropic and so-called "sport" means that form muscle and inhibit fat. Secondly, be prepared after taking the drug type of lost pounds, plus a couple in reserve. The organism is a tricky thing and can not deceive him, compelled the internal changes he will treat the disease and wants to return to his own.

Drugs that promise to improve skin tone, tighten muscles and remove excess weight, or dietary supplements are the same rules, only more expensive. Yes, they can cause the skin in order, but also contribute to weight loss is bad - after they stopped taking the weight dialed again.

Method Two: this is a strange word "fitness".

"The word" fitness "there is no translation in all languages. This term is derived from the English verb to be fit - be in the form and understood as a "healthy lifestyle".

Fitness - a lifestyle that allows you to preserve and enhance the health, emotional balance, improve physical fitness. Fitness allows a person to live fully, to be free.
Fitness - lifestyle leading to physical and mental health. Fitness necessarily associated with success in life and youth.

Fitness in Russian - this is somewhat different topic. Even if you have written in the "elite" fitness club, there is no guarantee of Certified Trainers, and special training programs. Instead of losing excess weight can pump up the legs, varicose veins and to make onerous demands on the spine.

If after a couple of months of intensive (two or three times a week), the scales do not budged, so there is no result! Though half a kilo, but must leave. If the classes very much like, you can continue to go and have fun. But if there is a specific goal, you need to change anything. First, talk with a trainer - for your own money you can count on advice. Second, ask colleagues in the group, what their results. You'll see that problem solved - leave or simply do not have after a workout!

The most important thing is to feel during exercise were not painful.

Featured classes. If you combine business with pleasure, the ideal - the Latin dances. They do not give tired of monotonous movements and quite intense. One of the wonderful types of training - yoga or pilates. Only qualified specialists are not very many, check out diplomas or certificates coach.

What to avoid. All types of strength training - not more than once a week in a well ventilated area. Step - is not more than once a week, at certain steps proshodit pumping muscles. Aerobics in the classic form - not everyone fits quite intense for beginners.

Details about fitness.

Method three: diet.

In Dahl's dictionary: "a diet - the rules of eating, according to its kind, quality, quantity and time, rules on all the other necessities of life, for the preservation of health, protection, guardian." Ie not a word about losing weight!

Let's take a diet in the conventional sense. There are several dozen species. Here too there are several types: excluding fat, mono-diet, and separate food. Yet virtually all diets, with their menu, suggest a limited amount of food. Mono-diet are effective, but harmful in long-term compliance. But low-fat to help cool over time do not want fried and greasy (for example, I gave up mayonnaise pretty painless). Of course, no fat at all anywhere they want, but they contain enough even in lean meat and fish.

On diets.

In conclusion, I want to say that the human desire for beauty - it's great. But the search for any way to reset these hateful 10 kg by any means will not lead to anything good. Optimal case - an individual approach, which does not drive in rigid frames. Can be safely once a week to go to the gym, sauna and massage. You can simply not eat after six. Can be observed from a nutritionist. Yes, and you never know what you yourself choose, the important thing is that it has become a good habit for life, not temporary insanity!

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