Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is it Aways Necessary to Struggle with the Fullness?

Wherever you look - everywhere recommend a diet of old, proven almost at the time of Cro-Magnon (eat this root, and you'll lean how mammoth hunter!) To trendy (drink beer, jam, apples, and your figure envied by all the top models Peace!). And if they are needed, these diets? Should I tuck in apples, drank kefir, nervously swallowing saliva at the sight of a piece of sausage?

The completeness associated with any disease, or fullness, which prevents a normal life and destroys health, we will not argue. Just then everything is clear. If, due to excess weight affected the body, then, from this need to get rid of excess.

We talk about the case when the weight is not superfluous, and - just this addition. Normal addition. Someone has the constitution of store mannequin, someone smacks of a bedside table, at the sight of someone on a memory come buckets on a yoke, and someone calls the association with the bun. Heredity, the structure of the skeleton, the rate of metabolism ... Many factors affect the shape. And painful to see how beautiful women pace yourself diets every day just because they think - hudyshki beautiful!

Beauty - it is primarily fashion. In the days of Louis XIV's beauty may have rotten teeth, if not were toothless - and it did not prevent them considered beauties. Imagine that such a beautiful smile you - it's a shock! But then, these "little things" were not paying attention. In fashion there were other criteria of beauty.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote beauties - Look for his paintings of a woman resembling the modern mannequin. They are not. All the women were very good body condition. Remember the romance of Henry Sienkiewicz "Crusaders": a description of beauty Yagenka is quite common - it could sit on the nuts and chop them. Deliciously top model is clearly not capable of this. There must have weight, and very good! Look at the portraits of the recognized standards of beauty of times past - many of these beauties would take all the double seat in the bus (not counting, of course, skirts - with her and did not enter a bus). Nevertheless, they are really adorable.

Languid thinness - not associated with a healthy lifestyle. For health need to maintain physical fitness (swimming pool, gym, walking at night, physical activity) rather than weight. With a healthy lifestyle weight will go myself, but if left completeness - meant and needed. Trying to get rid of the natural fullness, perfectly healthy people can get sick - have a lack of weight.

Maybe fashionable thinness - it's just an invention of fashion designers, who found that the lean figure of some models of clothes look better. And what looks better, better, and more for sale. And perhaps this trend policy savings - on clothes for skinny leaves less tissue. Joke? Almost. Or maybe not.

The main problem of overweight women - are not overweight. After all, "dietary suffering" associated solely with the desire to be beautiful. The most charming and attractive. Attractive to the opposite sex. A perfectly normal desire that does not contradict any basic human instinct.

But it can be beautiful and not losing weight. Beauty - the notion of purely subjective. The beauty of a woman - not in shape, not in clothing, not into makeup, not in luxury hair. It is - in the eyes of a loving man. And only there. And men - that freaks! - Love to different women. Someone like donuts, and someone thinks that a woman should have the muscles of a gymnast. Everyone has their own taste, and it is only relatively dependent on the mode.

Complete women usually try to somehow hide their completeness. Wear inconspicuous clothing, do not allow the bright, loud colors - so that does not bring the Lord, you do not accidentally highlight the presence of additional (compared with a fashionable top model) kilograms. Carefully examining the color gamut, color combinations and patterns (stripes from top to bottom will give your figure a visual harmony, cross-band full!). Some even try to wear a smaller size, using it instead of the corset - incidentally, a huge mistake, as the clothes are not necessarily the size of wrinkles, and as a result of the figure seems even thicker than it actually is.

In general, all of this - a labor of Sisyphus. After all, the completeness is written not on the scale, and - on the face of a woman. If she believes that her figure is far from ideal, it had weight and - most importantly! - It ugly and unattractive, it will be considered and such around. The logic is simple: the best person he knows himself. So to speak, a look inside, he is correct. So who are we to challenge the person's opinion of himself?

The result of this opinion of himself is that charming fatty masks are not its comprehensiveness, and its charm.

If a woman feels beautiful, absolutely confident in its appeal, no one will notice it and the door is difficult - because the doorway is too small. Self-confidence - a much more reliable way to beauty than all diets combined.

My friend, a professional psychologist, has developed a technique for losing weight. Very simple. Every day, he persuaded himself: "I am attracted to women, they like me" - repeated several times a day, looking in the mirror, looking at his face and figure beauty. And in the morning and evening, saying to himself: "All that I eat (ate) a day, is good for my health. From this I get only more attractive. My fascination is increasing every day. " What is interesting - he's really lost. From 115 kg (Height 178 cm) remained 76 kg. And this weight is maintained. True, he forgets about his anger management.

But curiously different. This technique was designed not for weight reduction. I had problems with the sufferer's own life. It is not paying attention. He was unable to care for he liked a woman - because of the certainty that she was on it did not even look. His knees were shaking, rather than articulate speech he was carrying astonishing nonsense ... In general, he made all the stupid things that put a person who himself does not believe himself does not like to think he is worthless, not worthy of attention.

Motivational helped. Confidence has increased. Problems with the weaker sex were eliminated - and that long before the weight dropped at least gram. He has lost weight later. Strictly speaking, weight loss was a side effect.

So it is worth considering: a need is a diet? After all, if the problem is not health, but "in my head, maybe easier to do auto-training? And do not eliminate the weight (which, very likely, and not once did), and that mental block that does not feel like a complete human being, "the most charming and attractive." Do not forget, a professor of Transfiguration knowingly asserted that "the devastation is not in the toilets, and in their heads."

And anyway, who said that the fullness - it ugly? This is just another type of beauty! And lovers of this type are more than enough.

And if someone would say that any kind of completeness is harmful to health, then the old proverb says: "While fat dry, thin dies."

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