Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Secret to Weight Loss - The Causes and Tactics of Fighting

One has only to look around carefully, as will be immediately noticeable, which focuses on weight in society. Do not try to lose weight, probably only the laziest. Make a well in this one is faster, recognize strangers pounds - employment boring, more interesting, in my view, to understand what is the mystery of such a thing as a person's weight.

The number of those who live by the principle of "eat to live, perhaps, still less as compared with those who are not averse to treat yourself to something delicious and not always helpful. Because of its feeding behavior is guided by a person not so much hungry as reactions to form, color, food availability, etc. Other factors that determine the relationship of man to food, is a family tradition. In some families, whole life practically revolves around food. I, for example, in real life had to hear how people and said: "This went on vacation, live as nobles. Wake up for dinner - breakfast, lunch - it's time for dinner, then tea and cakes, pancakes, homemade sour cream, jam, and there is dinner and arrived in time ... ". When I once saw this picture of his eyes, in front of me seemed to come to life scenes from the Russian classics. It seemed that Gogol, invented their works within the walls of the house itself, where are heard constantly interrupt each other's smells of roast lamb, turkey, duck with apples, etc.

In addition, as we know, there can cause a person to stress, boredom, anxiety or loneliness. Some even reward yourself for good behavior, and then wonder quickly developed a pair of triple-hated kilograms. For example, a sedentary lifestyle, personal vehicle, disorderly eating lead to obesity every three Canadians, are overweight are 60 percent of Americans and every other Russian.

If you previously put the weight was determined by subtracting from growth in the number 100, now used by more than the exact formula of the index of body weight: ICT = weight (kg): height (m): height (m). Chubby man to get the result from 24.6 to 24.9, and if more - it is obesity. Number of proposed diets today amounts to many dozens. But there should not delude ourselves: the faster you lose weight, the faster it recovers, but still has a tendency to exceed the original.

Why is this happening? It's simple. The body has a specific enzyme that controls the accumulation and distribution of fat. If you restrict your diet, it is markedly activated and after the usual food intake is restored, the command is executed immediately store fat. Now, I think it becomes clear why many diets give the opposite effect.

Way to successfully fight obesity are highly individualized. There is no universal method that can meet the needs of all comers, does not exist. If you're determined to lose weight, your behavior should be determined by two main goals - the right to lose weight and maintain the achieved effect. More ...

1. Develop a (better on the recommendations of doctors) an adequate diet.
2. Eat regularly and slowly, strictly adhering to a schedule.
3. Exercise and do not forget to weigh in the morning, after a bowel movement.
4. Avoid situations that may cause you to violate the diet.
5. Importantly, insist on what nutritionists - not to give up breakfast. Doctors are advised to keep his calorie within 400 calories - not less, but otherwise you have to eat up missing at dinner time.
6. In addition, doctors are advised to avoid snacking during the day and eating of bedtime, because that is what causes fat deposits.
7. As for the menu, nutritionists recommend cooking vegetables and meat for a couple, reducing salt intake, which stimulates the appetite. But no harm will increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits and berries - sources of fiber, which promotes the excretion of excess cholesterol.
8. Experts do not recommend completely abandon the sweet. Indeed, during the cold body needs serotonin, which supports the well-being and uplifting. Therefore, you can occasionally indulge in a slice of dark chocolate, low-calorie sweets and fruits.
9. Doctors are also advised not to forget about good sleep. Proved that the one who sleeps in a good mood, in the same, and wakes up.
10. And finally, do not allow yourself to suffer from feelings of guilt or failure, because almost any goal you have set ourselves is achievable.

Love yourself! Be healthy and beautiful! Remember that starting any business you need only a good mood, great desire and pleasure, and if the result does not take long!

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