Monday, May 9, 2011

What Gives A Woman A Regular Fitness?

Everyone has long known that fitness is good for health and appearance of the person. However, it is often extremely difficult to force yourself to throw in your favorite couch alone and go to the gym to perform grueling, difficult for an untrained body exercises. Well, the same through its "do not want to" go - and come with a workout exhausted, good-for-nothing. In the next few days after a workout will have to endure the pain in the muscles. So whether a pair of dropped pounds of torture - mental and physical?

Perhaps, in order to reset a couple of pounds, and not necessarily overpowering yourself, go to the gym. But fitness give us much more than just a slender body. After all, fitness - is a set of measures to maintain your body in shape. The term "fitness" and is derived from the English «to be fit», which means "to be in shape." Engaged in fitness - it means the right, rational nutrition, detoxify the body, to perform individually tailored exercise and keep your body in tune with the different types of massages and SPA-procedures.

If the meals and cleaning procedures and care can still be friends, you need to go to the gym and play sports for many causes such as the horror of what feels a prisoner before a visit to the torture chamber. But without physical activity adherence to other claims of fitness to be insufficiently effective.

So what does a woman give regular exercise?

1. Regular classes at the gym help lose extra pounds.
If you perform strength exercises, the muscles gradually strengthened, become more developed. The more muscle in the body, the more they developed, the more the body needs energy for their "service". In order to "serve" fat, energy, the body will need much less. The stronger the muscles - the lower the fat!

Aerobic exercise also helps burn fat - in a time of great stress the body requires more energy, and if you have nowhere to take it, then we have to use reserves - deposited that will melt away before our eyes.

2. Fitness will help correct shape - to make the waist thinner, more saliently hands, legs, sleeker and rounder buttocks. Choosing the right personal program of physical activity can help women get rid of the deficiencies in the figure. Women who are regularly involved in fitness, the body is elastic and toned, almost no cellulite.

3. Improving the physical condition: trains endurance, strengthens the heart, strengthens muscles and increases their capacity, develop physical strength and coordination of movements, there are flexibility, mobility, and "feline grace", produced by the speed and ability to perform rapid movements, etc.

4. Increases sexual desire. After a strenuous workout hormonal changes, the body learns to relax, and this positively affects the quality of sex.

5. Fitness before and during pregnancy and after the baby helps the woman to stay in great shape.

6. Leave complexes over non-ideal shape. First, many women are suffering from overweight and complexes on the imperfect body, afraid to go to the gym because they think that the room go only ladies with model looks. But when they came into the hall, a woman discovers that like her very much. The woman realizes that the hall going to fix their own shortcomings, not to pay attention to the shortcomings of others.

7. Training eliminate the effects of stress, relieve irritation and stress. Intense sports are being treated for depression.

Do not forget that the first results appear no earlier than two months of training. Lose weight would be problematic for women who can not refrain from eating before and after workouts. If one of the main objectives of lessons in the hall - to lose weight, without adhering to the principles of healthy eating are unlikely to succeed. Do not forget also that if you have had or have health problems before they begin to engage in fitness, you should consult your doctor. This is especially true for women with cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Exercise during pregnancy is also better align with the doctor.

I wish all those involved in or decided to begin to engage in fitness, lose weight, become healthy and beautiful!

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