Thursday, May 26, 2011

Struggling With Being Overweight? "The Rules Wizards" for Dieters

So you've decided to lose weight. Or have already lost weight, but more than anything to fear grow stout again. As this is familiar! Maintain a perfect figure is not so easy - it's sort of skill, the basics which you want to learn.

And while experts say that a good figure, which is not a single kilogram of excess weight, it's not much what an achievement. In simpler terms, is not so difficult to lose weight - much harder to keep the shape.

Of course, this skill has its secrets - where do without them. But these secrets are so commonplace that hardly anyone uses them seriously, trying to find some exotic "rule wizard. A rules-then no and no. There are perfectly reasonable arguments of smart people who try to reduce weight from a scientific point of view and try to convey this same point before us.

They, in particular, do not keep repeating the benefits of proper nutrition. In no case can reduce the need for a man of nutrients consumed in food. And if some writers trendy diets, for example, in carbohydrates or fats, it does not mean that the human body can do without them. He still takes his, but that's where - is another question: from the bones, internal organs, blood, ... in case of a prolonged diet.

Specialist, by the way, never ask you to dramatically reduce caloric intake. There is a limit of daily intake of calories, which is preferably not exceed, but can not be underestimated in any case. Weight of course you lose, but with him losing vitality and energy you will not be enough even for basic things. That is why right to sit on a hunger strike can not - you'll accomplish nothing and only drain the body.

Professionals in the field of weight reduction say that a normal portion of food for man who wants to stay in shape, should not be larger than a deck of cards in size. Slimming usually specify, on a deck of cards what is meant: playing or tarot divination.

Another fairly obvious secret that many are neglected, says: do not underestimate the drinks. Many of our favorite calorie liquids much a good portion of porridge with butter. Before you drink a glass of juice, it is worth to clarify its energy value. For example, among the enemies of the ideal figure of liquid were seen grape and peach juice, all the soda and coffee with chocolate.

Forget white flour! This "rule wizard" almost no fundamental. The whole point is that the baking of white flour and other products from it raise your blood sugar. Thus, they make your pancreas work in enhanced mode, producing insulin.

The main psychological generally correct food - is its visibility for your brain. It is in this connection are advised to eat slowly, slowly, the brain noticed that you've already eaten, they were filled, that is to say, and not asked yet.

It is not necessary to arrange sessions of self-flagellation over the fact that you once bit off a tiny piece of cream cake in the midst of another severe diet. Man exposed little weaknesses on it and men.

Very useful to keep a food diary. Writing for a week all eaten your meal, you will see a very clear picture of their own eating.

You would not believe what is most important lose weight "rule wizard. It reads: You'll never get to lose weight and keep it if you try to do it for someone other than yourself. Once you realize that your extra pounds to anyone except you, especially not in the way, you make a final decision, once you lose weight or not. Incidentally, the first pick is not all.

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