Sunday, May 8, 2011

Can I Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym?

Inevitably there comes a beach season. Perhaps this is the only time of year, when minimalism in clothing is welcomed for many reasons. The absence of most of the wardrobe puts, in turn, a small commitment to the figure.

Beauty fairly subjective thing, but in today's world is made to a woman's body was slim. According to the author, one of the hallmarks of harmony is that the folds of the body is not hanging over jeans.

Everyone has their own reasons to bring the figures into a more slender look, beach season may not be the main reason. The man faces a rather difficult task: how to be or what to do?
There are two ways out of the situation (why two, despite the fact that items three, below):
1. We pay a lot of money and go to the gym.
2. Do not pay - doing for yourself.
3. Drink Herbalife, or other specialized tools for weight loss.

The first option is no longer, since our task is not a gym, because we want to lose weight, and while saving money that can be put on leave.

Consider the third paragraph. Everyone should already be aware that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. People who drank Herbalife (solely as an example), then recruited several times more weight than they have been able to throw. So do not get fooled by a variety of tricks and "free."

Our version of the second. How can you lose weight with the least loss?

1. Smaller drive the elevator, even better - all of it give up. This is for you to replace expensive step aerobics.
Raising and lowering, even on the second floor, will maintain and strengthen the legs. Checked personally, I just 10-15 per day to work is forced to rise to 2nd floor. The legs are in perfect condition. Similar results came in 2 months of walking 4 days a week.

2. Consume food should be on the regime, and most importantly - healthy food. That is, eat properly. Pro mode will not say anything, and so clear. And that means right? McDonalds and other fast foods, are excluded by default. Chips, cola and other chemicals also should be excluded from the diet. We are for natural products.
No matter how hudey, the body must obtain a daily rate of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

3. After any physical exercise (jogging, swimming, razgrebaniya snow in the parking lot and ETC) consume any food can not. This way you kill all your efforts. The body feels the need to eat the wild and the first thing you feel is a wild hunger. If hunger is not satisfied, the body begins to pick up the missing elements of body fat. There is only one but: the body during exercise are in need primarily in the protein. Therefore, little protein foods for three hours before exercise does not hurt. Optimal - it is a piece of meat with vegetables, but no more.

4. Sex .... heh heh heh ... quality sex burns a lot of calories (even kiss the order), plus just as recreation is indispensable.

5. Various minor tweaks. Scatter a box of matches and lift them one by one. (Slope from a standing position) ... such exercises can come up with a mass above carefully look around.

Finally: you may be unpleasantly surprised to find that after a certain time after a temporary weight loss, or tongue will freeze, or just crawl back. Take a look at yourself in the mirror. If there began to appear muscles, not fat, it's a good sign. After all, whatever one may say, muscle mass (not to be confused with fat) also has a weight. And with a weight of 80 kg pumped man looks quite different than fat. If, instead of muscles something where something began to bulge, then: enough to eat. A word spoken is past recalling. After all, even the famous dancer said, when asked about her diet: "Do not eat!"

So, is it possible to lose weight without going to the gym? It is possible, but it depends on the strength of spirit and strength of will, because they play almost a fundamental role.

Good luck to you in the struggle with her weight.

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