Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Lose Weight With the Taste?

If you decide to lose weight (and most of the fair sex the main part of life in a state of permanent weight loss), then you will inevitably run into limitations in the diet. And if your whole life, pamper yourself delicious, it is very difficult to immediately abandon the pies and cakes and go to the cabbage salad and oatmeal in the water. But at the same time useful and tasty food is! It must have a good look - what I did, so I can tell you about their findings.

Cottage cheese with persimmon

Observing low-calorie food, it is easy to run out of protein. In plant foods (except soy) protein is small, too much flesh is not eaten, remains cheese - very high in protein and extremely unattractive to me the product. Could not tolerate him until he made himself a dessert, which is now just love it! Few calories and lots of fun: Take any cheese, 100 grams (I prefer low fat, but what about its use a lot of controversy, so choose the fat content, guided by their ideas), add one finely chopped persimmon, half-teaspoon ground cinnamon, stir and enjoy ! Tastier obtained granular curd cheese, but not with those who like pasta. But it all depends on your taste.

Fish with a slight garnish

Previously I believed that the fish must-have with rice or mashed potatoes. And then in a book read that the best side dish in this case - spicy greens! I tried with arugula - a little sbryznula its balsamic vinegar and filed along with lake trout, grilled. Awesome happened! I did not expect that the taste is so wonderful.

The next day I cooked a trout in a double boiler, arugula on hand was not, and I just boiled steamed cauliflower. And a side dish I liked him even more - got a very delicate combination. I tried broccoli - and also very tasty. Lake trout - enough oily fish, and although this fat is very useful, yet it is not necessary to increase calorie lunch or dinner up to heaven, eating fish with potatoes or rice. Try new combinations, change recipes and traditions - and you will get new useful and tasty dishes.

Soup of trout or salmon

If you buy the fish whole, then after the cut in fillets or steaks are heads and tails - of which you can cook a delicious soup! Fry on a minimum of oil carrots, then onions and tomatoes, add the vegetables to the broth and simmer until tender. Serve with dill and lemon circle.

Chicken soup

Boil the broth for chicken bones, he will light and lean. Throw into it a handful of rice or pasta, dried carrots and onions (or fresh, but not fried) and all! You can eat a big bowl of this soup, and not recover. By the way, cooked broth can be frozen and then at any time to cook a fresh batch of soup. The soup - a great dish for weight loss, try to eat light soups every day.

Meat with eggplant steamed

Take a piece of lean beef, chicken or turkey, salt, put a slice of eggplant on top, wrap in foil and cook in double boiler. The combination of meat and eggplant you'll love, and calories in this dish is very small.


Another meat dish with eggplant: take lean meat, 500 grams - I like turkey, cut into small pieces, add water, bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for an hour or more. In the water, you can add dried vegetables, such as celery or carrots. An hour later, add a package of frozen vegetable mixture and sliced eggplant cubes, salt and simmer another 30 minutes. Eggplant can not add, but only cook with vegetable mixture, you get very tasty and easy.

Roasted chestnuts

This is extremely useful and low-calorie dish, but the taste of chestnuts you can either really like it or not, if you had never tried them. I read that in Russia grows only horse chestnuts in the food they do not fit. But you can buy chestnuts at the supermarket and bake: baking in the oven for 25 minutes at 220 degrees, making the pre-cruciate incisions with a knife on the round side of the fetus. Then the chestnuts should be removed, wrapped in a towel for five minutes, then peel easily fall behind. And once there.


Boil for a couple (or pan) the usual shrimp in the shell, a little sunflower, pour the lemon juice and enjoy - a minimum of calories and a lot of good! And how delicious! Just do not wash down with beer shrimp, or fail to lose weight. All seafood is a dietary food, so put on them more often and try to buy fresh and frozen, canned, yet not so helpful. Simmer soup with seafood (eg, tomato soup), make dressing for pasta or rice, add to salads, make sandwiches.

Cottage cheese with tomatoes

Mix cottage cheese with natural yogurt, add a little basil and sunflower. Put the mixture on slices of tomatoes - a salad is ready! If you wish, add the garlic, cheese and fresh herbs. This version of the salad, which previously I really liked with mayonnaise and cheese, but cheese is obtained just as good! Instead of tomatoes you can eat this stuffing with bell peppers or cucumbers.


For proper nutrition is better to prefer whole wheat bread. Very tasty is it with grilled chicken, radish, tomatoes or cucumbers, or all together!

Here are a few ideas on how to diversify low-calorie menu. However, applying a little imagination, you are sure to come up with something different. Good luck in finding and maintaining a good shape!

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