Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ideal Weight for Women with a Medical Point of View

Frankly, modern girls and women who are sincerely worried about maintaining their normal weight, first and foremost think about the aesthetic side of the issue, it is not taking into account the medical. Indeed, the excess fat on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks sharply reduces women's self-esteem, but more important than the negative effect of obesity on health status. After all, has long been proven that obesity - it is not so much a cosmetic problem, but a medical one. And, as this sadly, on a national scale.

What is dangerous from a medical point of view, excess body fat? First of all, the increased load on the cardiovascular system. It is known that fat droplets, circulating in the blood as cholesterol from the category of so-called low-density lipoprotein, can damage the inner walls of blood vessels and form deposits on them, which will eventually come on top of each other. Gradually, the pathological changes in the vessel all the more aggravated, which leads to a deterioration of functional capacity of the vessel and to the embarrassment of blood flow. About using such a scheme runs all known atherosclerotic disease. In addition, excess fat begins to replace the normal muscle fibers of the heart muscle that leads to fatty degeneration of myocardium and thus to a weakening of the heart.

Simultaneously, from obesity "suffer" virtually all of the human body. Thus, the increase in size all divisions of the small intestine, there are malfunctions in the hepatobiliary (liver-biliary) system from the shift of the center of gravity of the problems appear related to the spine, increasing the risk of life-threatening disorders of respiratory functions (cessation of breathing during sleep) not to mention the fact that obesity dramatically increases the likelihood of female infertility. As you can see, the reasons are more than enough to take care of ensuring the normal (or even better - the ideal) weight.

Ideal weight - the notion of a strictly personal. This notion is not to be identical to the term "optimal body weight, since under such a term most often means the weight that is determined by a variety of arithmetic calculations or formulas. Today it is becoming increasingly obvious is the fact that the optimal weight in terms of mathematical calculations and ideal body weight from the medical point of view - it's not quite the same thing. Judge for yourself: none of the existing formula for determining ideal weight is not able to take into account all possible factors that influence body weight. 

Therefore, they can serve only as a rough guide to a healthy weight, but they can not take a "template" to be followed up to a kilogram. Currently one of the most popular and precise mathematical way to determine your ideal weight is considered to Quetelet formula in which the body weight expressed in kilograms divided by height, expressed in meters and was built in the square. The resulting ratio (which is called the Quetelet index or BMI) for women in the rate should range from nineteen to twenty-five. However, even this formula does not take into account neither the woman's age, neither the constitutional features of the structure of her body (as asthenic and normosthenic type), nor any other individual aspects (eg, the nature of physical activity: the girls who are actively involved in sports, not to mention professional athlete, there will always be a little heavier due to more developed muscle mass). 

In addition, none of the formulas do not take into account the widespread phenomenon of high or low metabolism, although the metabolic rate has even very significant effect on body weight. It is obvious that such nuances can not cover a single mathematical formula, hence the conclusion: the ideal weight - it is the weight at which a woman feels is best. No one better than you knows your own body. If there is a clear "shortfall" in accordance with Quetelet, but you're cheerful, active, excellent feel and do as they say, has never been a tendency to corpulence (despite the fact that never in my life did not follow any diet), then " chase "for" normal "weight completely useless.

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