Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daily Variation of Weight and Fat Loss.


My weight jumps. During the day I can lose and gain again from 0,5 to 2 kg. Is this normal? In general, I want to lose weight in the sides and thighs.


Daily fluctuations of the weight to two pounds - a common phenomenon, and therefore recognized medical standard. But the loss of, or, conversely, an increase of 2 kilograms in weight per day - a sign of the regime is not life, it is a stress for the organism. This stress does not lead to visible loss of health, but experience shows that prevents one of the main objectives of many fitness - weight normalization.

Lose weight and lose fat - not the same thing. Lightweight - easy to lose and is easily replenished. Fat - hardly lost, but is easily acquired. 1 hour office worker loses approximately 70 g weight, if of course at this hour, it will not interrupt the work of coffee pitiem or absented himself to the cooler to drink some water. So enthusiastic work office worker for an 8-hour day without food or drink will lose about 560 grams.

Lost weight - not lose fat! Lost weight - it lost water, lost carbohydrates and fat lost. Proportion of fat lost from the total mass of the weight lost is not large, only approximately 10%. So for a busy working day, office workers can lose as we have already explained, 560 grams of fat which will be only 1956

Of course, 56 grams of fat - that's fine too. For example, a person wants to lose 5.5 pounds of fat, then losing by 56 grams of fat a day he will achieve the desired results in just three months. 5.5 kg of fat is a very impressive result. To understand this, just imagine that, with your hips, sides and belly merged the two three-liter cans of fat. Imagined two three-liter cans of fat?

However, to have such a result must be able to compensate for spent weight and not gain fat is spent. For many - it is the most difficult task. How to recover 504 grams and over again not to get 56 grams of fat? As each day and over again to restore water and 504g of carbohydrates, and 100 days to lose 2 three-liter cans of fat from the sides, thighs and stomach?

Work, as you can see a complex, we can say jewelry, therefore, requires special skills, and any skill requires dexterity, skill, knowledge and time to master. Those who have been struggling with excess fat, have already seen this, and those who began to struggle with weight, will understand it later.

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