Friday, February 18, 2011

The French Diet for Quick Weight-Reduction

Fighting obesity is becoming for many people a kind of lifestyle. That is why the number of different diets is growing every year. The French diet is low carb and low fat to the diet, adherence to which ensures a rapid loss of extra pounds. But do not forget that the rapid weight loss can have negative consequences for human health, and an unbalanced diet diet does not provide the body with all necessary useful substances.

Why the French diet?

Many believe that the French diet is a diet like the French, which provides them fit and slender figure. In fact, the French it is called rather to attract attention or as a tribute to the belief that it is the right nutrition French gives them the lack of extra pounds. And although this view is correct, but it has little or no relation to the described diet.

This French diet includes small portions of food, using only quality and natural products and the combination of a balanced diet with sufficient physical activity. In this case, the French diet - it's a two-week diet with severe restriction of carbohydrates and fats.

The operating principle of the French diet

In strict compliance with the French diet lose excess weight by up to 4 pounds a week. Restriction in the diet of fats and carbohydrates leads to a decrease in caloric intake to 1500 calories per day. This creates favorable conditions for losing excess weight, because the calories will spend more than they consume.

Respected French diet for two weeks. In this case, excluded from the diet of bread and flour products, salt and sugar, confectionery, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages. In the list of allowed foods include: fruits and vegetables, chicken, veal, lean beef, sausages, eggs, greens, biscuits, mineral water without gas, coffee and tea. Eating is necessary in the same sequence in which she represented in the diet menu.

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