Thursday, March 1, 2012

Good to Be Thin? 13 Reasons Not to Torture Yourself From Dieting

New Year's meal behind and you remembered about your diet? Do not hurry back to torture your body. Stay a few minutes, thin and decide: to see whether you need it.

So, imagine that you are thin. (You do so love to do it!) Provided? And now watch as you like, thin, "fun" live.

Baker's dozen complexes
A. Anyone who has not seen you for a long time, or a new companion when meeting, is committed to making pathetic mine, sympathize with, "Oh, what do you thin? You that are not fed? "(As an option," Eat more. ") The most" pious "asked anxiously:" You're sick with something? "And the question," Are you on a diet? "Makes you calm a tantrum because that ...

Two. You have to eat everything that little bit better, like it or you do not like, and maybe even hate. And your loved ones are constantly trying to feed you, even though you just ate.

Three. You can not buy a suitable thing everyone always hangs, everything should always be stitched. You are already thinking about, do not put a bra under a wool. And your legs all the mini match matches.

4. You climbed the whole Internet in search of a diet to get better. But everywhere they write only about how to lose weight.

Five. In whatever company (female), you may be, sooner or later, all the talk can be reduced to a discussion of diets for weight loss. You just feel like a sore thumb. You have only two ways out: either to leave or continue to sit in his place, and strained smile.

6. No matter how many did not show on TV beauties with parameters 90 x 60 x 90 in real life for some reason, men prefer women "in the body." (And by the phrase "The men are not dogs: do not rush to the bone," you do want to howl.)

7. When you buy (or do you give), bracelets or rings, you have to first go to a jeweler to make them narrower.

Eight. In a crowded car on the lap of others is always sitting in it is you, twisting his neck to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling.

9. In winter, you are always cold. You do not know of colleagues who walk around the office in the beautiful thin blouses because they are constantly wearing a coarse warm sweaters.

10. You have no breasts, no you know what, and you look with envy at the lucky women who have everything in place. And when your husband ever look at them, davites anger.

11. The older you get, the worse it looks like your face. In the surrounding you are more pathetic.

12. On the street you take for your husband's daughter.

13. And finally, because of all this, you often have bouts of depression, you  lose weight and this further.

Everything. Go back into your body.

So how does it feel? Did you like it?

Of course, if you are overweight is contraindicated for medical reasons, it is another matter. However, if the thinness - only your fancy, remember: a man always wants what he does not. Skinny want to get better, plump - to lose weight, natural blonde dream of dark hair, and brunette - the golden curls, blue-hazel eyes would like to color, and-eyed - on the contrary. This series can be continued indefinitely. Such is the nature of man.

So love yourself for who you are!

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