Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a Way to Dinner Spoon? Tea!

This article was born as a polemical response to the publication of my esteemed author Michael Berseneva the importance of proper full meal during working hours and the harmfulness of snacks for proper nutrition.

In his comments to the article, I argued the controversial point of view of the author's full day mandatory lunch based on the experience of other countries where there is no notion of meal (first, second, third), and sometimes the concept of a lunch break, on the one hand, and, importantly, dubious benefits of eating on the clock, rather than the needs of her body.

Comments received truncated. He asked in this article. Several years ago I wrote an article related to problems of overeating, overweight, and the technique of-blende tested on himself. (If you want to immediately cut off questions about my weight and physical shape, I would say that gaining weight by age 18 to 50 kg with height 153 (according to the formula 100 minus growth), I still fit into my quiet wedding dress. I think issues are removed.)

Repetitium est mater studiorum. Something I have as a result of arguments in this article, add some brand new fresh personal experience.

I was very lucky with the practical anatomy. The girls in my group were afraid of dissecting, in the face us in the autopsy room no one really knew. So I went to the workshops and for myself, and for the guy. Knowledge of a dead human body from the inside somehow helps to understand better and clearer, while complaining about what a living person. (There was a smiley face.)

So look into the abdominal cavity? I invite you: our stomach as an organ of an adult (for thick books) of only 300 grams. It is not designed to do more. But I saw the ventricles are only children. Among adults in the abdominal cavity lies languid deformed trunk with a capacity of six to eight pounds. The walls of the carcass are disproportionately stretched turgor muscles weak, ring-shaped muscle that connects the esophagus with the carcass, stretched and gaping. This oil painting. Calm: This man did not die from gastrointestinal diseases. Close the cavity.

Here are the stomachs of almost all living people. The reason? Overeating! Violence against the stomach, esophagus, intestines both, rectum, liver. But it is not paired organs.

Now a little plumbing GI: You have thrown food at 3-5 times higher in the esophagus. She slipped her the pressure in the stomach, on the road stretching ring-shaped muscle. You are stretched to the limit of the stomach wall. In form it is stretched furychit slow gastric juice to digest this mass, he could hardly highlights, peristalsis is weakened, the gaping hole in the esophagus, stomach pushes back your borscht, cutlet with hydrochloric acid and then alkaline - hello, heartburn! Ryg!

In the stomach, you have a slow swell and plunk carbohydrates and proteins. Instead of the 3-4 hours, the food sits there and rots 8-9 hours. Imagine a cesspool into a large heat - that's out there and do it. At the very least you pushed this swill rotting in the small intestine and gave their blood all the poisons that Bourdieu. Sucked poison quickly ran to the liver. Liver screamed in horror. She will try her clever here. But the patience it will snap very quickly - you do not think about it, when the belly stuffed.

Bang patience you will not hear - not the body. It will die slowly and without symptoms. Amen.

What kind of crap I'm here poraspisala! And that crap that you do three times a day, at least, with his body. Now you understand why it is sometimes useful to look inside the abdominal cavity? Sobering when an extra spoon to her mouth pull.

Therefore, those who still, in spite of everything, "Fall hotstsa bite," let this serve as a mental picture of stop signal for food. As for the cereal with a spoon, so just imagine mentally dissecting room!

Dear consumers - 70 percent of our food, we want only the eyes and nose! Medical axiom. And only 30 percent of us actually need from what we eat at a time. Flies apart, the meat alone - not to shove in his insides proteins and carbohydrates together, remember the picture of summer cesspool.

If you do not turn their ties, the proteins just something you have to Gulkina nose - 50 grams per day. Do not be afraid of fat, for your health. Just remember that a day of vegetable fats should be no more than two tea spoons! Cool, huh? And what about eating? And you eat carbohydrates. As much as a pound a day they can eat.

And most importantly, do not sit at a table in a clockwise direction. Open your mouth to eat only when hunger is driving the stomach. Do not want something to chew, chew, and it was brutal famine. And lift our eyes to the top paragraph, perform the arithmetic operation of addition and calculate your daily rate of food you need. Then divide by three, if you eat three times a day.

Yeah, crazy, you say. Is it possible to eat? Fun, huh? Oh, no, good and only good wish. So to repeat my tricks again. Here we go.

Throw away from home all the major dinnerware. From now on your dishes - small children's soup plates, saucers under the second, the teaspoons to the first, second and third. Remember, dishes deceiving you. Outsmart them. Instead of two or three bowls of soup you pour just one Differently. On the bread at all sure if it is not a separate dish - the second.

Now take a teaspoon and eat soup. Every sip slowly and chew for a long time - you can swallow only very watery liquid. Swallowed, breathed. Now the second. Now for my mother-in dad. That's it. And it is easy! When you see the bottom of the plates, you do not have to second. Believe me, you already ate!

And make it a rule. No deadly trio: the first, second and compote. One thing, but a teaspoon. Tea with a fork, tweezers for eyebrows, pipettes, drops! The correct "grip" food should be such that the mouth barely open, and the cheeks to avoid bulging. And in order to inhibit the spoon, spoon put off to the side, do not hold it in your mouth. Give of your teeth: chew on the left, chew on the right, front teeth. This is especially for non-liquid foods.

The Japanese believe that every mouthful of food should be chewed at least 50 times. They correctly believe - just as finely chewed food enters the esophagus is in a favorable form, easily passes through the ring-shaped muscle and is accepted by the stomach, gastric juices complete with the greedy and ready to work peristalsis. Such food long in the stomach, it does not expose him to stretch due to fragmentation proceeds, it will move well into the small intestine and does not give the body poisons, and all the useful fuel that you are thrown into the esophagus.

Many would think that eating this way is impossible. And I say, maybe. Every body is different, someone energetic metabolism occurs, someone weak. Knowing the mass of the body (in the formula for calculating the Ministry of Health has a website), you can easily calculate the necessary amount of daily calories for themselves individually. Just something to do!

One thing is certain - we all overeat in terms of disposable eating, and food that we eat properly. Let's at least try, and the results you'll soon see for yourself - we have the stomach clever, he cringed and again become a beautiful and healthy. Liver says thank you. And most importantly, your body will get the ease and functioned well, which we have lacked. Health to all!

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