Monday, February 27, 2012

What is More Important at the Gym - Lose Weight or Put Himself in Order?

How many times has noticed: any, even the most useful thing to be done through some fences and barriers. I do not know what makes the result so desirable and pleasurable - the effort to achieve the same or only on the need arise to overcome the unexpected.

The most obvious example - the weight loss. Dream more than half of the female part of humanity, and a significant part of the male population of the planet. Women really want men too, but feel the result they want more. At the same time, those same men do not really understand why the women claimed the event turns out smaller than they actually want.

Women do not understand even more. Although we all know that if we then want to, here resist - as we ourselves in the first place - is not recommended. Because we are all equal, and involuntarily, but estimates any obstacles in its path when you reach the desired. But not in losing weight.

Methods, techniques, tips, advice, sharing experiences - all well known. But no result. Or is it microscopic. Or rare. Well do not get to do everything together. Or unloading and then loading the days or holidays, or periodic fizzaryadki different degrees. Here's how it all together and does not work.

Even after all this is no small thing as health. He also somehow have to help, at least sometimes. What to do? The recipe, the easiest: Eat less, move more. If you do not help - go to the doctor, it is better to an endocrinologist.

Dream gripping me to lose weight for many years. It is best to somehow randomly and without much effort. Even without injury, of course. Not so very necessary - probably my external proportions do not change much, but the visual image and health just to be better. Checked periodic positive inclinations. But, unfortunately, that there is here. So before the New Year, after his ...

In the autumn I will break off a gift for life, without prior arrangement has been recorded in the gym. Not so simple, it is the medical procedure (no advertising, and not all helps), tired of my complaints about early morning spin. And in general, have accumulated, you know - so much singing, and even sports have never dealt with only in dreams. And now the dream, she went to the gym.

Hated myself at first. First went for the sauna. Then, because of perfusion after a sauna. Stretch marks - hurt. Massage - painful. Trainers - difficult and painful. Then for the first time added weight on one of the simulators. Then something did not feel in some parts of the body concentration that was always there.

Still, if I got stuck. Weight as was well worth it. Although warned that the first three months it is really worth, and does not disappear. No matter how trained. This is true. It's a pity, but what can you do. I still do not stop.

After a few months, especially before the New Year, a loved and respected everywhere. Especially in the balance. Below the waist was also good - not even suspect that it happens. Came girlfriend - groans, "Well, did you let us down." I mean is above the waist. No, it just flowed seamlessly from one another, in terms of bottom-up. Spite of all the laws of physics and gluttony.

And I help. Somehow it came - and steamed rolled oats, and juices, and vegetables, and seafood. Well, not always, of course. Cakes, buns, dumplings and homemade cakes are sure to arise, and fences, but such a pleasant surprise.

Now I understand that only through physical activity - even if science-based and controlled by experts - it is impossible to lose weight drastically. Yes, and it becomes unnecessary. After all, there is still a positive. In the form of improving individual health outcomes, rather, ill-health (objective outcome), improving the shape (subjective results), strengthening muscle tone and blood vessels (and where to go, so they swing, stretch, warm and then cold water fertilize).

Get pleasure from overcoming yourself first. And not even in the exercise thing. You step over the morning, "I do not want, then we rewrite for another time, another time." Close your eyes to the traffic jams around you and the fellow on the road. Generally, the road to the bus - a special kind of movement in space, especially at rush hour. Gets to dress, to measure pressure and flops - floated down the road of health and right living.

During those few months I realized that I should not lose weight. You just have to give myself up. One follows the other - the movement, nutrition, appearance, inner spirit, the attitude of others.

It turns out, because it is not for someone else try, but for himself. Most often it is much harder than it looks from the outside: try and do for themselves and not for others. The most amazing thing is that it changes the world around you.

In any fence always find an open gate, and surprises, even in the long run, can and should be enjoyable. From whatever pies, dumplings, urgent affairs laziness, or they may consist.

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