Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Features of the Organism Must Be Considered When Losing Weight?

It's no secret that the female body behaves differently in different phases of the menstrual cycle. The ability to dropping pounds in one and the same woman at different times different! Not including this feature, many frustrated too soon ...

In order to avoid unnecessary frustration, consider the particular phases of the menstrual cycle details:

A. Menstrual Phase

Period when the start and go monthly. Lasts an average of 3-6 days.

Our bodies are well aware, "fertilization has not occurred." Therefore, the body does not need to stock up on calories and the pounds "in reserve". I think many women have already noticed that exactly in this phase there is a tummy, but the appetite is very moderate. At this time, you can safely and effectively lose weight! Pounds will be discharged only in this way, and will power at all to be missed.
Two. Proliferative (follicular) phase

Conventionally, this phase lasts a few days after menstruation. In the case enters the hormone estrogen. It is this hormone affects the irresistible and sexy woman. You feel as interest begins to appear to men (and this interest is growing slowly). The mood of the beautiful, and you feel an emotional and energetic climb!

The body prepares for ovulation. The requirements in the reserve fat and calories yet. And that means any woman can continue to effectively dieting and fast (as possible) to drop pounds. For his efforts, you can also connect the sport, because the energy of all missing!
Three. Phase of ovulation

The period of the most dangerous days. Although the egg lives only a day, your body is ready to conceive within a week (including some of the previous period). Any woman can determine this phase of signs such as irritability, intense desire, a strong attraction to men, and of course the most vivid emotions about sex. You feel the need to show off, flirt.

The purpose of the body - to conceive a child. All the forces of nature are attached to this, and ... There comes a period of "Jora". You feel like your appetite is growing, and all seems to be very tasty ...

Thus, we proceed to the next phase, which is called ...
4. Luteal phase

Luteal phase lasts about 14 days. By the way, is the "safe days" during which there is no conception. But every body is different, so there may be errors.

In the body of a woman ruled by the hormone progesterone. It stands to save the pregnancy.

The body thinks it is pregnant! And it means taking steps to create the conditions better preserve an imaginary baby. That is a growing appetite for women, she chews everything. Everything seems to be delicious! In the body, every effort was made to save calories and water. Increasing edema (some women report during this period the swelling of the mammary glands) and the added weight.

Have you lost attraction to men, and the mood is gradually getting worse. There is a tummy, and the figure is not so hot.

In this phase, all your efforts in losing weight empty. Enhanced starvation diet and lead only to signal the body to "hard times - urgently needs to load up!", And includes mechanisms that cause an even bigger appetite! Of course, not an ounce of weight in this period, you will not lose. If you do not sit on a diet, it also will add (as a rule, added about two pounds).

This week or two I would recommend to relax - maybe a little longer afford to eat (controlling himself, naturally). It is best to stabilize and survive without any additional restrictions, but not without overeating. Feel for his "golden mean". And most importantly, do not be guided by weight! Otherwise you risk to be disappointed in all their endeavors and to collect all the grief that was heroically lost in the previous phase of the cycle.

Within 12-14 days, the body receives information that the pregnancy has not occurred, and there is another hormone drop. Completely spoil your mood, you become irritable, vulnerable.

And then everything returns to normal. The mood is gradually getting back to normal, and just before the monthly (or during them), you drastically resetting all points weight, swelling subside, and your weight loss success can continue!

That's it. Good luck with the weight correction!

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