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How to Lose Weight on a Diet of Soy?

Soybean - herbal product, which says a lot, and good and bad. Someone finds it useful and nutritious, while others ignore the shop shelves with soy cheese and meat, and generally perceived as a gimmick canned or fresh soybean sprouts.

For a vegetarian soy food has become an ideal product that allows to maintain normal intake of protein. For example, Chinese and Indians soy is the main ingredient of most dishes. In China, during the time of Zhou Dynasty, the amazing plant has been recognized as one of the five sacred grains (in the list also were rice, wheat, barley and millet).

The value of soybeans due to the presence in it full of protein, almost as their nutritional characteristics of animal protein. The quality of the protein in soybeans is almost perfectly level, as it contains the required set of very valuable amino acids, which, for good nutrition should be a minimum of 20 (11 produced in the body, and the remaining 9, we must get from food).

The absence of cholesterol and lactose plant makes soy a very versatile food product, even for those people who have many products may be prohibited by reason of disease of internal organs and blood. (But be careful endocrinological diseases and kidney stones!)

Most scientists agreed that soy can prevent breast cancer, lower cholesterol, strengthen bones, counter senile dementia, reduce alcohol intoxication and help move more easily through menopause.

Soy is easy to digest, so it is not surprising that the soybean diet was developed by which one can not only regulate the balance of nutrients in the body, but also to say goodbye to extra pounds. Replace fatty meat and milk to soy products are guaranteed to lead to weight loss. The efficiency of the plant due to the presence of lecithin - a substance that is directly involved in fat metabolism, which can reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver and contribute to their gradual "burnout."

Consider the exemplary menu diet for seven days:

First day: Breakfast - crackers or biscuits - 50 g, soy milk - 1 cup.
Dinner - boiled potatoes - 2 pieces, stew made from soy - 150 g apples - 1 pc.
Dinner - salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, boiled lean meats - 150 grams, apple juice - 1 cup.

Second day: Breakfast - Buckwheat porridge in the soy milk - 100 g
Dinner - boiled carrots - 2 pieces, soy cutlet of minced - 1 pc, apple and orange - 1 piece.
Dinner - salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, boiled lean meats - 150 grams, apple juice - 1 cup.

Third day: Breakfast - rice porridge - one serving, soy milk - 1 cup.
Lunch - bean curd (tofu) - 150 g, soy sauce, grated fresh carrots with sour cream (10% fat) - 130 g
Dinner - fish, steamed (boiled) - 150 g, a salad of sweet peppers and sauerkraut - 100g, apple juice - 1 cup.

Fourth day: Breakfast - biscuits, toast or biscuits - 20 g, soy milk - 1 cup.
Lunch - soup made with fresh vegetables - a portion, beet salad with prunes and sour cream, apple - 1 pc.
Dinner - boiled potatoes - 2 pieces, stew made from soy - 150 g apples - 1 pc.

Fifth day: Breakfast - soy cheese or cottage cheese - 100 grams of tea or coffee without sugar - 1 cup.
Lunch - fresh vegetable salad with sour cream - one serving, soy cutlet of minced - 1 pc.
Dinner - soup made of vegetables - one serving, soy cheese - 50 g apples - 1 pc or apple juice - 1 cup.

Sixth day: Breakfast - biscuits, toast or biscuits - 50 g, soy milk - 1 cup.
Lunch - fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil - 100 g of soy stew - 150 g
Dinner - porridge peas - 100 g (about 50 g of dry peas), fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil - one serving.

Seventh day: Breakfast - porridge peas - 100 g tea or coffee without sugar - 1 cup.
Dinner - boiled beans - 150 g, fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil - 100 g
Dinner - boiled meat - 100 g, soy cheese (cottage cheese) - 50 g apple and orange - 1 pc.

But how many weighs "one piece", each defines for himself. Many believe that a portion - it is the amount of food that should fit on one hand. Others see a more accurate options, from 200 g - for women and 300 g - for men. And most importantly, remember that during the whole day to drink enough water without gas.

Specificity of the 7-day soy diet: it will be effective only if you start to play sports. Without exercise you will hardly notice a positive result. As, however, and many other diets aimed at weight reduction.

Consider the option of discharge soybean diet. He was very strict, so be sure to consult your doctor before you change the habitual diet for you in advance and try soy foods to taste and tolerance, if it has not included them in your diet. For soybean diets require raw. Soak them in cold water and leave for the night, morning, cook until soft, without adding salt and pepper. Sitting on such a diet is recommended no more than 5 days, you can also arrange fasting days. One day you will need 500 grams of cooked beans. This amount should be divided into 5 equal portions and eat during the day. It is believed that such a diet contributes to a small weight loss and the effective removal of edemas.

Here are some useful tips on cooking of soy:

• To make marinated tofu, retained its flavor, use it in cold dishes.
• To make the taste of soy dishes using a variety of spices.
• Ready soybean meal should be consumed on the same day as Soy products are a group of perishables.

If the soy diet did not seem interesting to you or you are still a neutral attitude toward soy products, keep in mind that sometimes the inclusion of soy in your diet can bring significant benefits to the body, especially in the prevention of cancer, diabetes and premature aging.

At the same time another feature of soy opened beauticians, adding it to the anti-aging creams that moisturize and nourish, rejuvenate and restore skin women. Natural soy mask can be done at home. To do this you need soy, fresh egg yolk, olive oil and boiling water. Soybean crush in a coffee grinder and pour boiling water, then mix with egg yolk and a little olive oil. The finished weight should be spread thinly on a clean face and wash off after 10-15 minutes. After removing the mask is recommended to lubricate the skin, any moisturizer.

Rich in protein, soy may help in the fight against hair loss, feeding them and accelerating growth. To mask will need: a quality soy sauce - 2 tbsp. spoon, warm water - 1 cup. Enough to mix the soy sauce with water and apply on damp clean hair, rubbing the roots. Thoroughly rinse with warm water after 10 minutes.

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